FitBit Adds Bike Tracking Via GPS

FitBit Adds Bike Tracking Via GPS

FitBit is easily one of the most popular exercise tracking devices on the market right now. The FitBit Surge is at the top of the FitBit list. The Surge is easy to use and comes with a lot of great features, and now FitBit has added a major update that includes bicycle tracking with the help of GPS technology. FitBit’s Bike Tracking Tech The new Bike Tracking feature included as part of the FitBit Surge tracks vitals like distance, duration, speed, heart rate, and calories burned while you bike. All of these details will help you become a better, orRead More

Canadian Driver Ed Classes Now Include Tricky Weather Driving

A snowy road in the mountains.

If you’ve lived in Florida all your life, but have just decided to move to Colorado, you may be shocked and a bit frightened when it comes to driving in snow, sleet, freezing rain, and on ice. This is the same notion that one drivers education program in Manitoba, Canada, has adopted when it comes to the latest programs offered by the drivers ed course. Now, the course includes instructions on how to drive in tricky weather for newly landed immigrants, and for those people that have just never seen snowy weather before. A Safer Road for All Since theRead More

Ironman Turns to GPS Tracking

Two cyclists riding in an Ironman competition.

If you’re a fan of the Ironman competition, you’ll be happy to know that you can now follow competitors on the website thanks to new technology being used during the race called ‘IRONFAN.’ Fan will be able to log into the website, see how competitors are doing, and gain additional stats based on information logged by athletes. Not Just for Fans IRONFAN is for the competitors too. Using the new technology and the Ironman website combined, athletes can log into the site and record biometric and other pieces of data for additional tracking purposes. Not only can fans lookRead More

Celebs Love GPS Coordinate Tattoos

Slahs Gets A Tattoo - Rocky Mountain Tracking GPS Blog

The trend might have been started by Angelina Jolie, but ‘Guns and Roses’ guitarist Slash is carrying on the trend. What trend? The one where celebrities tattoo GPS coordinates on their bodies. Jolie has the coordinates of each of the birthplaces of all of her children tattooed on her arm, and Slash now has some coordinates of his own tattooed on his neck (ouch!). Slash’s Coordinate Significance According to various celebrity publications, Slash now has coordinates that lead to Chicago, Illinois, and Woodland Hills, California tattooed on his neck. Why? His new girlfriend (Slash has recently been divorced for theRead More

Hunting With Hawks

Goshawk in the grass.

Have you ever wondered how a hawk hunts? How the creatures zero in on prey, how they stalk, and how they kill? If you’ve ever seen a hawk circling its prey in the open sky, you know just how amazing these creatures are and how very little we know about them! From a Hawk’s View It has long been assumed that a hawk spots its prey, and then simply flies down from the sky to attack that prey, but that’s not what a team of researchers has discovered. Researchers recently strapped a camera to the helmet of a Goshawk inRead More

The FitBit Surge Now Has a GPS Tracker

FitBit Surge - Image via Apple Insider. Rocky Mountain Tracking

The FitBit is one of the most popular fitness trackers on the market, and now FitBit has announced a few new trackers to the already popular lineup. FitBit is debuting the FitBit Charge, the Charge HR, and the Surge in 2015. The Surge comes with GPS tracking capabilities for a more accurate fitness picture. If your 2105 resolution is to get into better shape, FitBit trackers are worth a closer look — and here’s a detailed look of the newest trackers to hit the FitBit lineup. The FitBit Surge Where other FitBit products come in the shape and size ofRead More

GPS May Be Coming to Aussie Sports Soon

Rugby team scoring points.

Various NFL teams already use GPS tracking devices on the field to track player movements, and now the National Rugby League and the Australian Football League are considering putting GPS trackers in balls. Both leagues are hoping that with the data from the GPS trackers, teams can improve their gameplay. How GPS Will Change the Game The small trackers that the NRL and AFL are considering would be placed directly inside of balls for each respective sport. Since the trackers can keep tabs on things like speed and how long a player holds onto a ball, the GPS devices canRead More

The Ricoh WG-4 Camera Comes with GPS

Rikoh GPS camera

Ricoh’s WG-4 GPS camera comes with GPS technology that lets photographers determine things like altitude, time, and pressure details. This is one of the first cameras that comes with GPS technology, and it’s also a step up in terms of added details from Ricoh’s original point and shoots. If you’re a photographer, this is one camera that you may not want to pass up without a closer look. The GPS Explanation It might seem odd to include GPS capabilities as part of a camera, but there’s a method to this addition. With the Ricoh WG-4, you can easily record theRead More

Would You Run 5.7 Miles for Love?

Will you marry me spelled out by running with a GPS.

What would you do to propose to the person that you love? Would you run 5.7 miles using a GPS tracker in order to spell out the words ‘Will You Marry Me?’ Well, that’s what Ben Chudley of England did this week when he decided to propose to his two-year girlfriend. The Plan Chudley knew that he wanted to use his phone’s GPS tracking device to map the words to his proposal during this run. So, he set out one day and ran the route that would eventually create the words for his proposal. But, Chudley didn’t want to proposeRead More

You Can Now Buy a Volvo Online

An old green Volvo.

Car manufacturer Volvo has announced that the company will start to sell cars online. This is a first for Volvo. It’s also a first for most car companies other than Tesla (you can buy some Tesla models online), but Volvo’s strategy seems to be focused on the online market – with eCommerce becoming more and more what consumers want. Volvo has told press that the company aims to make all of its models available digitally to consumers through the Volvo website. But, there’s a catch. Volvo models might be available online, though consumers will have to go through a dealershipRead More