A Watch, Games, and GPS Tracker Combined

AmbyGear Smartwatch for Kids - Rocky Mountain Tracking Blog

Parents are usually torn when it comes to technology. Some love the way that certain devices can entertain kids for hours (tablets, anyone?), and others hate the idea of giving a child any kind of technology too early. But, what about a watch that combines educational games you’d want your kids to play with the safety that is a GPS tracking device? The new watch by Ambit Networks does all of those things, and it’s also a watch that your kids will like to wear. The AmbyGear watch was designed for kids, but also for parents that want to keepRead More

Safeti: A GPS-based Safety Device

Safeti - Rocky Mountain Tracking GPS Blog

Every once in a while, a crowdfunding campaign catches our eye. This time that campaign is for a new device called ‘Safeti.’ Safeti is an “on-demand personal safety concierge” device that aims to make traveling alone or just walking around town alone safer. Here’s a closer look at the new Safeti device. What It Does Imagine for a moment that you’re leaving your gym at night, and you have to walk through a deserted indoor parking lot in order to reach your car. As you start walking, you hear footsteps behind you, and those footsteps start to increase in speedRead More

The FitBit Surge Now Has a GPS Tracker

FitBit Surge - Image via Apple Insider. Rocky Mountain Tracking

The FitBit is one of the most popular fitness trackers on the market, and now FitBit has announced a few new trackers to the already popular lineup. FitBit is debuting the FitBit Charge, the Charge HR, and the Surge in 2015. The Surge comes with GPS tracking capabilities for a more accurate fitness picture. If your 2105 resolution is to get into better shape, FitBit trackers are worth a closer look — and here’s a detailed look of the newest trackers to hit the FitBit lineup. The FitBit Surge Where other FitBit products come in the shape and size ofRead More

CES 2015: What’s On the Horizon for Car Tech

Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Floor.

CES 2015 is shaping up to be quite the event for tech junkies in January. This really doesn’t come as a surprise. People come to ooh and aah over the assemblage of electronic devices, getting a glimpse of what’s to come and what the next must-have devices will be. Manufacturers seek out companies that have technology to enhance the products they produce, hoping for a grand partnership that will revolutionize their industry. This year, it’s all about the vehicle. Car manufacturers will be on the show floor in Las Vegas showcasing the new and exciting things their cars can do,Read More

Inattention Blindness: What it Is and Why You Should Care

torbakhopper HE DEAD

There’s a new term circulating called “inattention blindness” that pertains mostly to the things you do while driving your car. Things like using voice commands. A new study conducted by the University of Utah’s Center for Distracted Driving indicates that people are distracted when using hands-free interfaces, and this distraction is just as dangerous as picking up the phone to call someone while you are driving. Why Hands-Free Can be Dangerous Your might have both hands on the steering wheel, and your eyes may be on the road, but if your brain is concentrating on trying to speak to yourRead More

FitBit Goes With GPS

FitBit Heartbeat Bracelet

FitBit recently unveiled a three new fitness tracking bracelets. The Charge is an upgrade from the original FitBit, the Charge HR incorporates heart rate monitoring into the mix, and the FitBit Surge adds GPS tracking. The Surge is the FitBit bracelet to watch, since serious runners and fitness enthusiasts tend to be serious about GPS-enabled devices. If you run or want a fitness tracker, here’s what you can expect to find with the FitBit Surge. Feel The Surge FitBit has done some research and discovered that people serious about physical health often track their heart rate. Why? Because tracking yourRead More

Smartphones vs. Dedicated GPS Devices


Why would a company that owns a few service vehicles prefer to install dedicated GPS tracking devices in their vehicles instead of just issuing employees smartphones? Smartphones are great! I have two smartphones in my household and most of my friends have one. One of my favorite features of the iPhone is its built-in GPS. I prefer it to my vehicle’s built-in navigation system for finding places to eat. At Rocky Mountain Tracking we loved the idea of building tracking apps for smartphones. We assumed that dedicated devices would eventually be phased out, but that hasn’t happened – mainly because ofRead More

Apple Chooses GPS Technology

Apple Watch

Apple announced a few new devices the on the 8th of September, and one of those devices was the Apple Watch (notice how it’s not called the “iWatch”). The Apple Watch will do all kinds of really interesting things, but it’s also equipped with GPS tracking abilities – much to the dismay of companies like Garmin that currently have watch on the market. While the crux of Apple’s watch isn’t based on GPS tracking, it is a feature that’s definitely part of the watch. In case you missed that portion of Apple’s presentation, here’s why the Apple Watch is aRead More

How Your Smartphone Tracks Your Location

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Have you ever wondered how your phone’s GPS system actually works? The science behind location tracking via smartphone is actually really interesting. The next time you use your phone, think about the following system – it will blow your mind! Up High In the Sky Presently, there are around 24 American satellites in space. Prior to the year 2000, it wasn’t really possible to access or use these satellites, but they were still there. When the smartphone came into existence, those satellites that were orbiting out in space suddenly become useful. Even though the satellites mentioned here are American-owned, theyRead More

iPhone GPS Can’t Keep Them From Cheating

iPhone GPS

Though it may come as a shock to some, your iPhone cannot expose a cheating partner. “But wait,”I hear you say, “it features a GPS device, and it can track your partner’s every move!” According to a private investigator interviewed by New Zealand’s TV ONE, the GPS tracking device within your iPhone might document their every move, but it won’t matter – if your partner is going to cheat, they’ll find a way to do it. Julia Hartley Moore runs a website where she claims she has “specialist expertise in uncovering infidelity,” and she said that people are more frequentlyRead More