Vanderbilt Next Team to Track Football Players’ Performance

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College football teams seek out the best of the best to recruit to their teams, hoping the men they assemble on the playing field each week lead their team to a championship. They practice endlessly, perfecting their plays, and hoping that injuries don’t occur. When technology intersects with sports, all kinds of amazing things happen. We’ve brought you stories of the wearable tracking devices used by teams–-not just football-–all over the world, designed to bring data to the coaches that allow their teams to play at an optimum performance level. The latest team to give the technology a try: Vanderbilt.Read More

Mumbai Gets GPS Trackers in Taxis

Taxis in Mumbai.

Mumbai taxi cabs are about to be equipped with GPS trackers, according to state transport minister Diwakar Raote. Citing recent safety concerns, all black and yellow taxis in Mumbai will soon have GPS tracking devices installed on board. The new trackers will provide women with more security when taking a taxi anywhere in the city. Over the past few months, there have been numerous cases of violence in taxi cabs throughout India, and government officials hope that the new trackers will help to curb some of this behavior. But, the government in Mumbai isn’t stopping at taxis either. According toRead More

Safeti: A GPS-based Safety Device

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Every once in a while, a crowdfunding campaign catches our eye. This time that campaign is for a new device called ‘Safeti.’ Safeti is an “on-demand personal safety concierge” device that aims to make traveling alone or just walking around town alone safer. Here’s a closer look at the new Safeti device. What It Does Imagine for a moment that you’re leaving your gym at night, and you have to walk through a deserted indoor parking lot in order to reach your car. As you start walking, you hear footsteps behind you, and those footsteps start to increase in speedRead More

Distracted Driver? Watch Out!


According to numerous sources, General Motors is working on technology that will pay close attention to a driver’s head and eye movements. The eye and head tracking tech will keep close watch over drivers that are distracted. Distracted drivers will hear warning sounds from the tracker, and drivers will be alerted when they are not paying enough attention to roads or to mirrors. Safety First GM hasn’t exactly had a solid track record when it comes to safety. In the past few months, the company has had a lot of recalls. But, GM is now focused on working with Australia-basedRead More

Apple Chooses GPS Technology

Apple Watch

Apple announced a few new devices the on the 8th of September, and one of those devices was the Apple Watch (notice how it’s not called the “iWatch”). The Apple Watch will do all kinds of really interesting things, but it’s also equipped with GPS tracking abilities – much to the dismay of companies like Garmin that currently have watch on the market. While the crux of Apple’s watch isn’t based on GPS tracking, it is a feature that’s definitely part of the watch. In case you missed that portion of Apple’s presentation, here’s why the Apple Watch is aRead More

How Your Smartphone Tracks Your Location

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Have you ever wondered how your phone’s GPS system actually works? The science behind location tracking via smartphone is actually really interesting. The next time you use your phone, think about the following system – it will blow your mind! Up High In the Sky Presently, there are around 24 American satellites in space. Prior to the year 2000, it wasn’t really possible to access or use these satellites, but they were still there. When the smartphone came into existence, those satellites that were orbiting out in space suddenly become useful. Even though the satellites mentioned here are American-owned, theyRead More

GPS Capabilities of iPad Exceed Expectations

In an astounding display of GPS tracking capabilities, police uncovered $25,000 worth of stolen merchandise. The story began when a woman reported her stolen property, which happened to include an iPad, to the police. By activating the GPS tracking capabilities on the woman’s stolen iPad, the police were able to trace it to the home of George Gary in Austin, Texas. After the police set up surveillance, they observed a man arriving at the house; he left holding an iPad. When Richard Harrington (Mr. Gary’s recently departed guest) ran a stop sign, the police had a reason to stop him.Read More

Going Out with GPS

Relationships have always been complex and exciting. In fact, the complexities play a major role in creating the excitement. So in this GPS-directed age, do the GPS dating options bring more complexity and excitement or less? The answer to that probably depends on your perspective. But here are a few general observations about going out with GPS technology that might help you confine the complexities to the realm of the relationship and avoid those that are related to this relatively new technological approach to relationships. Increased Immediacy Using the now-established mode of online relationship sites often means entering a getting-to-know-youRead More

Memoto Uses GPS Tracking To Capture Everyday Life

In the digital age of the Internet and social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, it’s apparent that we humans enjoy documenting and sharing our lives. Some think of it as a narcissistic sickness in society, while others, like myself, think of it more as a fascination with and curiosity about ourselves and each other. The reality is probably somewhere in the middle. Swedish developers are hoping to cash in on this phenomenon with a mini camera/GPS device called Memoto. Memoto is a small, square device that is meant to be worn on a regular basis. Every thirty seconds,Read More

Stolen Phone is Retrieved Using Tracking App

Some thieves are being foiled by GPS tracking: the Find My iPhone app has once again scored and returned a stolen phone to its owner. About 16,000 phones were stolen in New York City last year, which averages about 44 phone thefts per day. This year, however, in April, an attempted theft resulted in the apprehension of the thief, thanks to a tracking app. The Purloined . . . Phone As a woman, standing on a corner in Queens, NY, spoke on her iPhone, a teen raced past, grabbed her phone and kept on running. The woman quickly flagged aRead More