FitBit Adds Bike Tracking Via GPS

FitBit Adds Bike Tracking Via GPS

FitBit is easily one of the most popular exercise tracking devices on the market right now. The FitBit Surge is at the top of the FitBit list. The Surge is easy to use and comes with a lot of great features, and now FitBit has added a major update that includes bicycle tracking with the help of GPS technology. FitBit’s Bike Tracking Tech The new Bike Tracking feature included as part of the FitBit Surge tracks vitals like distance, duration, speed, heart rate, and calories burned while you bike. All of these details will help you become a better, orRead More

Vanderbilt Next Team to Track Football Players’ Performance

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College football teams seek out the best of the best to recruit to their teams, hoping the men they assemble on the playing field each week lead their team to a championship. They practice endlessly, perfecting their plays, and hoping that injuries don’t occur. When technology intersects with sports, all kinds of amazing things happen. We’ve brought you stories of the wearable tracking devices used by teams–-not just football-–all over the world, designed to bring data to the coaches that allow their teams to play at an optimum performance level. The latest team to give the technology a try: Vanderbilt.Read More

High-Tech Motorcycle Helmet with GPS Designed

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Distracted driver laws throughout the country are designed to keep people safe while traveling, and car manufacturers have addressed this with numerous forms of technology. Most cars today are designed with in-dash so-called “infotainment” systems–your center of information like navigation instructions (thanks to GPS tracking devices), satellite radio, and more. Others connect your phone to the car, allowing you to place calls and send texts with simple voice commands. But what about motorcycle riders? How can they take advantage of GPS trackers for maps and other information? There isn’t exactly an easy way to do voice commands with all ofRead More

University of Miami Football Latest to Employ GPS Technology

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When you are picked up by a college football team, you’re expected to work hard to perform better than you did during the last game or practice. They strive for excellence, and you work your hardest to provide it. But certain aspects of your performance are tough to measure. Sure, you can measure muscles and weigh yourself, tracking just how much stronger you are than the last time you worked out, but on the field, it’s tough to measure a variety of stats that could help you see just where you need improvement. Many teams around the world–football, soccer, andRead More

Ironman Turns to GPS Tracking

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If you’re a fan of the Ironman competition, you’ll be happy to know that you can now follow competitors on the website thanks to new technology being used during the race called ‘IRONFAN.’ Fan will be able to log into the website, see how competitors are doing, and gain additional stats based on information logged by athletes. Not Just for Fans IRONFAN is for the competitors too. Using the new technology and the Ironman website combined, athletes can log into the site and record biometric and other pieces of data for additional tracking purposes. Not only can fans lookRead More

Looking for a GPS Watch? Try These.

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There are, arguably, more ways to get in shape now than there have ever been before. Not only are there a myriad of different fitness trackers, bands, and apps, but there are GPS watches that come with heart-rate monitors (essential for accurately tracking your workouts). If you’ve looked at apps and various trackers (some of which are useful too), but you really want a GPS watch, here are some of the better ones on the market. The TomTom Runner: With the TomTom runner, you’ll get TomTom GPS tracking technology (which is pretty well known in the consumer GPS mapping world), alongRead More

The FitBit Surge Now Has a GPS Tracker

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The FitBit is one of the most popular fitness trackers on the market, and now FitBit has announced a few new trackers to the already popular lineup. FitBit is debuting the FitBit Charge, the Charge HR, and the Surge in 2015. The Surge comes with GPS tracking capabilities for a more accurate fitness picture. If your 2105 resolution is to get into better shape, FitBit trackers are worth a closer look — and here’s a detailed look of the newest trackers to hit the FitBit lineup. The FitBit Surge Where other FitBit products come in the shape and size ofRead More

GPS May Be Coming to Aussie Sports Soon

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Various NFL teams already use GPS tracking devices on the field to track player movements, and now the National Rugby League and the Australian Football League are considering putting GPS trackers in balls. Both leagues are hoping that with the data from the GPS trackers, teams can improve their gameplay. How GPS Will Change the Game The small trackers that the NRL and AFL are considering would be placed directly inside of balls for each respective sport. Since the trackers can keep tabs on things like speed and how long a player holds onto a ball, the GPS devices canRead More

New Tesla Roadster Update Coming

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It’s been one heck of a year for Tesla owner Elon Musk. Back in June, Musk promised the masses that the Tesla Roadster (the first road-ready Tesla vehicle) would come with an important update. Musk has just announced that the updated mentioned is now ready to be revealed, and the inventor cited “crisis issues” as the reason for the setback. The New Tesla Roadster When the Roadster was first announced this past summer, many dismissed the car entirely. Some even said that the Tesla Roadster is for “techno-geeks,” a term that Musk addressed directly in a recent press conference. MuskRead More

The Ricoh WG-4 Camera Comes with GPS

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Ricoh’s WG-4 GPS camera comes with GPS technology that lets photographers determine things like altitude, time, and pressure details. This is one of the first cameras that comes with GPS technology, and it’s also a step up in terms of added details from Ricoh’s original point and shoots. If you’re a photographer, this is one camera that you may not want to pass up without a closer look. The GPS Explanation It might seem odd to include GPS capabilities as part of a camera, but there’s a method to this addition. With the Ricoh WG-4, you can easily record theRead More