Nebraska Guaranteeing Football Player Performance with GPS

Nebraska college football team

Thanksgiving isn’t just the time to gather around with the ones we love to enjoy a feast sure to loosen the belt buckle. It’s the time of year football lovers gather around to watch the various college bowls play out on television, rooting for their favorite team or alma mater. If this is what makes the holiday truly special, then you might be interested to know that 30 college football teams will be relying on GPS tracking devices to ensure their players remain at the top of their game the whole game through. The NFL is doing it too, usingRead More

Rip Curl Creates a GPS-enabled Surf Watch

RipCurl App

Most of the time, water and high technology don’t mix; especially GPS. But the surfing company Rip Curl has just released a new GPS-enabled watch that can both handle waves and record surfing sessions using GPS technology. If you are a serious surfer, this is the watch for you. The Rip Curl SearchGPS Watch The SearchGPS watch does exactly what you might expect it to do. This watch records your movements as you catch waves, but it does more: tracking your rides each day tracking the distance that you ride each wave number of waves caught records wave speeds YouRead More

Apple Chooses GPS Technology

Apple Watch

Apple announced a few new devices the on the 8th of September, and one of those devices was the Apple Watch (notice how it’s not called the “iWatch”). The Apple Watch will do all kinds of really interesting things, but it’s also equipped with GPS tracking abilities – much to the dismay of companies like Garmin that currently have watch on the market. While the crux of Apple’s watch isn’t based on GPS tracking, it is a feature that’s definitely part of the watch. In case you missed that portion of Apple’s presentation, here’s why the Apple Watch is aRead More

GPS and Football: A Great Team

USAG- Humphreys

This season, 15 college football teams are using GPS tracking technology to keep tabs on players. The GPS trackers will be attached to player uniforms, and the information that is recorded and sent back to coaches and medics will be priceless. Just like other major league teams, these college teams are realizing the difference that technology like GPS makes. The Details From looking at the GPS tracking details, coaches will be able to tell when players are slower and faster on the field. For example, a player might be faster at the beginning of a game, but that same player may start to slow downRead More

Innovations in GPS Cycling Computers


Most cyclists know that bike computers have been around for a long time and may even remember some of the features of earlier models. Simple at best, early bike computers tracked just a few details for riders, like time, distance, and speed. As time passed, manufacturers began creating more technologically advanced cycling computers that offered more features for avid cyclists. Innovations in technology were mirrored in the bike computer’s evolution. Even so, users often found them difficult to navigate. These computers continued to offer few options to the serious cyclist and frequently had screens that were hard to see inRead More

Will the ShySpy See the Light of Day?


With all the GPS bicycling devices that are available, do we really need to invent another one? The developers of ShySpy, a yet-theoretical product, think so. The road to actually getting ShySpy into stores has been an unusual one, and is still far from its end. The concept behind the tool appears solid, and would give bicycle owners an affordable way to accomplish several important goals at once. They might not be able to buy it, however, unless ShySpy’s creators make serious progress in finalizing product details, pitching the idea to the public, or both. Why this GPS Bicycling ToolRead More

GPS Sports Watch a Good Fit

The Winter Olympics of 2014 have come and gone, but it won’t be long until nations around the world will be gearing up for the Summer Olympics of 2016 in Rio de Janeiro. The thrill of seeing runners cross the finish line, swimmers break a world record, and cyclists race for gold never diminishes. We marvel at the skill and endurance that goes into these athletes. We wonder at the training and expertise that got them to the top. We dream of achieving seemingly impossible goals if we only knew what to do. GPS technology removes some of the mystery,Read More

GPS Data Vindicates Nyad’s Record-Setting Swim

On Saturday, August 31, 2013, Diana Nyad entered the waters of the Gulf of Mexico wearing a bodysuit, gloves, a mask, and booties and began her fifth attempt to swim from Havana, Cuba, to Key West, Florida. She emerged from the water on Smathers Beach in Key West approximately 53 hours later, on Monday, September 2—Labor Day—after swimming 110 miles. She was the first person to make the swim from Cuba to Florida without using a shark cage. It was an amazing feat, achieved by a woman who has dedicated her life to the sport of long-distance swimming. In theRead More

Catapulting into the NFL

GPS technology has many applications, besides just finding your way to a new restaurant. It can be used today for finding everything from your phone to your kid in a mall. It’s no longer limited to cars, either, as everything from bicycles to boats can be fitted for equipment to send and receive GPS signals. The latest mode of transportation to be equipped is the human body of an NFL player. Catapult is the company that is blazing the way into the NFL to help both players and coaches. Technology and Sport Timeline for Catapult 1972: Australia’s disappointing performance atRead More

GPS Makes Biking Safer and More Enjoyable

Human creativity rarely gets the chance to take hold of a tool like GPS and run with it. Its simple premise—locating a receiver on the earth’s surface with great precision—expands into seemingly limitless possibilities in a wide variety of fields. Bicyclists, both professional and recreational, have taken a particular interest in GPS tracking, especially since developers learned how to make devices small and light enough to carry while riding a bike. In Minnesota, public bike trails are becoming even more enjoyable with the implementation of a GPS-powered mobile bike repair shop. It’s just one example of how GPS is makingRead More