Relocating Your Stolen Assets

I’d like to applaud a site I came across recently: . They catalog and promote information to help find stolen cars, trailers and all kinds of personal property. The good news is that there a people who recover cars and trailers and post that information. The bad news is that I see a campers, cars and motorbikes that are missing for an extended amount of time and are in rough shape if and when the property comes back. Rocky Mountain Tracking Smart Trackers are inexpensive and far less than the $400 and $500 rewards I’m seeing on the site. If youRead More

These Cities Have the Most Stolen Cars

A Porsche with stolen wheels on blocks.

Have you ever wondered how your city fares when it comes to auto theft rates? Forbes recently totaled the number of thefts in some of the biggest cities in the US, and here are the ones that have the highest car theft rates. Yeah, you may want to look into a car tracker if you live in any one of these spots! 1. San Francisco, CA: San Fran is definitely up there with some of the highest car theft rates per year at 23,000. 2. Fresno, CA: At the last census report, Fresno residents experienced around 8,000 car thefts annually.Read More

Honda’s New Compact SUV

Blue Honda HR-V

There are few things more irritating than massive SUVs double-parked on a bustling urban street. Not only is this frustrating for the people that can’t get around the road-blocking car, it’s also frustrating for drivers of these huge vehicles that can’t easily park anywhere without attracting way too much angry attention. This is the exact reason why a number of car manufacturers are starting to create compact SUVs that have all the luxury and size of a traditional SUV on the inside, but none of the massive girth that causes blocked roads, frustrated drivers, and difficulties keeping to one lane.Read More

Car Tech News From India

Zoom Car

There’s a lot happening with the U.S. car tech scene right now from driverless cars to 3D printed cars, but there’s also a huge tech boom happening in India. A ton of tech startups from India are catching the eyes of some pretty big investors, and one of those companies is called ZoomCar. What ZoomCar Does ZoomCar is a car share/rental service kind of like ZipCar. The difference is that ZoomCar rents electric cars to users. Electric car rentals might not seem like a big deal, but when you consider that India’s largest city is home to more than 16Read More

Smart Tracker

RMT Smart Tracker

If you’re in the market for a vehicle tracking solution, but you don’t need something that tracks the vehicle’s whereabouts 24-7 (yet, you want to be able to see where that vehicle is at any given point in time), look no further than the Smart Tracker. This vehicle tracking device will give you instant access to a vehicle’s location whenever you need it – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – and only when you need it. The Smart Tracker’s main purpose is to recover stolen property, but there are other applications that are suitable for this trackerRead More

Company Vehicle Theft Prevented with GPS Tracking

Earlier this year, police in El Mirage, Arizona, arrested 3 males involved in the theft of a company vehicle. The offenders were determined to hold onto the car too; it took tear gas and a SWAT team to flush them out of the residence in which they’d holed themselves up. But the vehicle was recovered, thanks to a GPS monitoring device previously installed by the proprietors of the company and tracked directly to the thieves, who were immediately charged with the crime and taken to jail.   A possible reason for the criminals’ swiping the car? Besides theft of theRead More