Tracking Alzheimer’s Patients

Tracking Alzheimer’s Patients

What would you do if someone you love suddenly wandered away from home? While this might not seem like a possibility for some people, for other people it is a daily occurrence. Those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease often wander far from their homes without a trace. New GPS tracking technology can change the way that Alzheimer’s patients live. These small devices are imbedded into simple bracelets (and other items) that track and trace every movement a person makes. This kind of technology is crucial and life saving. Some of these devices are also equipped with a sort of portable phoneRead More

GPS Device Helpful in Protecting Autistic Children

In May 2013 the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th edition (DSM-5), was published and created big news in the autism community by combining what had formerly been disparate types of brain development disorders into one category called “autism spectrum disorder” (ASD). So what is autism? It’s difficult to define simply. It refers to various complicated disorders that affect normal brain development. These conditions tend to reveal themselves in communication and social interaction difficulties, delayed intellectual and motor skills, difficulty with attention span, and in repetitive actions. At the same time, there are numerous documented cases of individualsRead More

Mississippi Woman Saved By GPS

You think about your GPS tracking device saving you from getting lost when you’re traveling in an unfamiliar area, or the GPS device built in to your smartphone that can locate it if it ever becomes lost or stolen, but do you ever think about the fact your GPS device could one day save your life? Such was the case for a MS woman, who called 911 emergency dispatchers in desperation and confusion in the early morning hours in late August. What Happened? The woman, from Laurel, MS had somehow driven off of the road at some time after 1Read More

GPS Technology Helps Curb Human-Elephant Conflict in India

Karnataka is the first state in India to use GPS tracking devices to help combat their elephant problem. Jumbo elephants in the region raid villages causing a lot of destruction. Not only do the massive beasts destroy crops, but they also injure and even kill villagers. One method to deal with this problem is to hunt and kill the problematic elephants, but with the elephant population dwindling, The Forest Department is looking for alternatives. Here’s where GPS devices come into play. The Forest Department has decided to track four specific elephants in the region with GPS collars, developed by theRead More

Ireland: No GPS Tracking of Emergency Calls

Believe it or not, GPS technology contained in cell phones that could be the difference between life or death when calling emergency services in Ireland cannot actually be used in order to pinpoint a caller’s location due to data privacy restrictions. This news comes after the death of a three-week old infant, who died because the ambulance ended up in the wrong county. Now, the National Ambulance Service is trying to appease the public, saying that calls are most certainly dealt with appropriately. The Health Service Executive (HSE) said in a statement, “Following an examination of the facts, the HSERead More

Wandering-Prone Population Tracked With GPS Technology In U.K.

In Surrey County, loved ones and care takers of people with dementia, learning disabilities or other issues that cause wandering and confusion can rest a little easier. People with a tendency to get confused and wander off are given a pocket-sized GPS tracking device to carry with them at all times. These devices are provided for the safety of those who tend to get lost and can’t find their way back home. People with learning disabilities or diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s are especially vulnerable members of society. They usually are limited in their ability to care for themselves andRead More

New Zealand Wants GPS Data For Emergency Calls

A man was struck and killed by a van after calling 111 (New Zealand’s equivalent of 911 in the U.S.) for help. He reportedly was walking home from a party after a fight with his girlfriend. Toxicology reports showed his alcohol level was twice the legal limit when he was jumping in and out of traffic, apparently trying to get a ride home. When the 111 dispatcher received the call from the man at 1:28am, informing them that he was stepping out in front of cars, they were unable to ascertain his location before the call was ended. The operatorRead More

Vibrating GPS Navigation In Development

GPS technology has come a long way in the last five years or so. GPS navigation systems in our vehicles help us get turn by turn directions. GPS tracking devices have helped solve crimes and return stolen valuables. One of the limitations of this technology, however, is that directions are provided audibly and via video display. Obviously this causes problems for the hearing and vision impaired population, but also has been criticized as a dangerous distraction for drivers.  Researchers are in the process of designing and testing tactile GPS displays, which can be worn. The GPS navigation provides directions throughRead More

New Orleans: GPS Leads Authorities To Rape Suspect

A cab driver for the city of New Orleans was arrested and charged with kidnapping and raping a woman thanks to the GPS device installed in the taxi he drove. 40-year-old Sohail Kahn, driver for Yellow Cab taxi company, was charged with simple rape and second degree kidnapping of one of his customers. Police allege he picked the victim up early in the morning, watched her fall asleep, and then pulled over to sexually assault her. Afterwards, he drove her to a new location and released her. She immediately returned to her apartment to contact police, who drove her toRead More

Keep Elderly Loved Ones Safe on the Road with GPS Tracking

Summer heat and winter chill can both pose serious threats for older people, especially when they’re travelling. In the event of a breakdown, a missed turn, or a misinterpretation of directions, elderly people may have difficulty getting help. GPS tracking can help provide peace of mind for family members by giving them a way to ensure their loved ones’ safety while at the same time maintaining the independence of elderly parents, grandparents, or relatives. GPS tracking devices allow family members to keep an eye on the location of their elderly loved ones when they’re out on the road. Some modelsRead More