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Marisa O’Connor

Chief Editor

Marisa O’Connor is a Southern California native, and is currently living in Long Beach. Her passion for written expression surfaced at an early age in the form of daily journaling and developed into a full-time freelance writing career. Marisa has written on a variety of topics, but specializes in health and technology. In her free time, she enjoys writing music and camping. Marisa can be contacted at marisaowrites@gmail.com.

Janice Grover


Janice has written professionally for seven years, covering topics that range from political policy to technological innovation. She has a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education, operates a tutoring service in the Denver area, and maintains a blog that covers educational topics. In her spare time, Janice enjoys traveling and spending time with her husband and young son.

Kadence Vyra


Kadence loves to teach her students the importance of clear communication. As an English and ESL teacher, she enjoys helping students improve their writing so that what they have to say can become important to someone else. In addition to teaching and tutoring, she works as a seasonal tax office receptionist. Being a newlywed, her favorite past-time is going on a date with her husband. If he’s busy with schoolwork (he’s working on a Master’s degree), her next-best choice is to go horseback-riding on a sunny afternoon and then get lost in a good book for the evening.

Katharin Stephens


Katharin is currently finishing a degree in English and Creative Writing. When she isn’t writing newsletters or website content, she enjoys reading ancient and modern literature and everything in between, devouring children’s novels, and planning her own line of books. She enjoys cooking, designing and sewing dresses and skirts, taking long walks, exploring the country on road trips, dreaming up overseas adventures, going to plays, concerts, and musicals, and, everyone once in awhile, indulging her freewheeling inner child.

Lynetta Bowen


Lynetta Bowen is a staff writer at copy-hub.com. She has written for printed publications including Bob Jones University’s continuing education catalog and summer camp publications. She has also written for both personal and professional websites and has editing experience. She holds a master’s degree in counseling and enjoys reading and being outdoors.

Michelle Cantine


Michelle has always loved writing and enjoys doing research on a variety of topics. Michelle has had experience in writing sales articles for several websites, as well as news items for numerous online blogs. She has also had experience in tutoring students, both elementary and high school, in academic writing. Michelle is currently working on a bachelor’s degree in speech pathology. Her academic writing experience includes clinical writing as well as professional abstracts. Michelle is bilingual and enjoys writing children’s stories in both Spanish and English.

Nichole Decoust


Nichole is a wife, mother of four and a grandmother of three… so far. She has worked for a newspaper for many years and in her spare time enjoys church activities, sewing, reading, writing, walking the dog, soaking up the sun during short northern summers and spending time with her family. She has a bachelor’s degree in Community Health with minors in Communications and Spanish.

Khristen Foss


Khristen is a New Hampshire native, a mother of three, and a dedicated blogger. She enjoys writing about technology, crafting topics, and anything family-oriented. Most days, Khristen can be found creating and selling items on Etsy, pondering a new blog post, or spending time with her family. Khristen can be reached at khristen.foss@gmail.com



Mark is a bit of a professional writer. As a PhD candidate, he has years of experience in research, analysis, writing, and presentation. His goals in every project are accuracy and readability. When he’s not writing, Mark loves a good novel, a softball game, or a witty comedy show. He also enjoys going under the surface with any technology he can – Linux, jailbreaks, Unix commands, anything geeky!

Hillary Mayfield


Hillary is the mother of six and a substitute teacher for a private academy. She holds a masters degree in English education and has worked in the publishing industry as a project editor. She has done freelance editing as well as medical transcriptions and copy writing for the last several years to be at home with her children. She enjoys hiking, crocheting, and reading.

Darrell Fogal


Darrell has worked in the field of technology for over 6 years and has extensive experience with wireless and personal computing technology. He enjoys finding new and practical ways for the latest technology to enhance his life and the lives of others. Darrell specializes in helping people understand technology and how it can make their lives better. When he’s not researching the latest developments in micro-technology or reading about philosophy, you will likely find Darrell mountain biking with his wife or crafting a gourmet meal for his friends. Darrell can be reached by email at darrellfogal@gmail.com

John Chapman


John Chapman is a freelance writer from San Diego, CA. He specializes in journalistic writing, including economic issues, law, and history. In addition, he edits a blog dedicated to independent film. John can be reached by email at johnchapman074@gmail.com.

Jose Arroyo


Jose has a BS in Mass Media and Communications, and is currently finishing a master’s degree in Counseling. His main interests are technology and gadgets, books, and writing. He has written three novels for kids. He also enjoys playing classical guitar.


Edmond Donaldson


Edmond is a dedicated husband, and he is the father of two wonderful children. He is a high school social studies teacher and holds a masters degree in Church History. He loves baseball and outdoor activities and enjoys any kind of technology he can afford. He has written short biographies of economists, content for social studies curriculum, and is currently enjoying blogging on a variety of topics that interest him.


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