Tracking Alzheimer’s Patients

Tracking Alzheimer’s Patients

What would you do if someone you love suddenly wandered away from home? While this might not seem like a possibility for some people, for other people it is a daily occurrence. Those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease often wander far from their homes without a trace. New GPS tracking technology can change the way that Alzheimer’s patients live. These small devices are imbedded into simple bracelets (and other items) that track and trace every movement a person makes. This kind of technology is crucial and life saving. Some of these devices are also equipped with a sort of portable phoneRead More

Protecting Your Heavy Equipment from Theft

heavy machinery is stolen every year to the tune of $20 million. GPS fleet tracking technology can help you protect your heavy machinery investments.

One piece of heavy machinery can cost thousands of dollars, which is why heavy equipment is tempting for thieves. This machinery can be sold for a lot of money, and even some parts are worth a lot. If you’re in a business that requires the purchase of heavy equipment, the last thing that you will want is for any item to be stolen. Yet, heavy machinery equipment happens regularly. How can you protect the expensive machinery that you have purchased? Here are some top tips. Complete thorough background checks on all of your employees. It’s important that you know whoRead More

How Well Do You Know Your Employees?

GPS tracking devices can help prevent theft that might be occurring in your business. Call us today for more information.

You probably see most of the people that you’ve hired and work with every day. In fact, many of us spend more time with coworkers than with anyone else (including our spouses). Surprisingly, the fact that we spend so much time with the people that we hire doesn’t mean that we really know who those people are. How can this be true? Studies have shown that employees steal from businesses more than shoplifters or other types of theives do. A Crazy Fact If you’ve ever watched the show “Mystery Diners” you may have been shocked about some of the elaborateRead More

A New Tesla Roadster Is Coming

The new Tesla Roadster is comparable to a Ferrari, and you’ll want to protect your purchase with the help of a GPS tracker from Rocky Mountain Tracking. Call us!

The first car that Tesla put out back in 2006 was a roadster. The company has since decided to upgrade the Tesla Roadster, and the newest version will be available in 2019. So far, Elon Musk is calling this new Tesla “ludicrous” – here’s why. One Speed Above the Rest The original Tesla Roadster was created with the help of the car company Lotus, and was built both in-shop and out. The newest Roadster is being completed completely in-house, and Elon Musk is stating that this version is even one notch above being able to run at ludicrous speeds. WhatRead More

Why Tracking Rhinos Is Important

Rhino poaching is a big problem, but it’s possible that a new GPS tracking collar could save the day. For fleet tracking help, call RMT today.

The illegal wildlife trade is estimated at $7-10 billion dollars annually. This is in line with human trafficking and drug trafficking, and is a major problem for the planet – not just for those countries where hunted animals reside. One of the wildlife species that is most often hunted is the wild rhinoceros. If poachers keep killing rhinos at the rate that they are killing them right now, there won’t be any rhinos left on the planet in a just a few short years. While there are wildlife protection agents available in various parts of the world that have theRead More

Teen Driving Stats You Didn’t Know

Here are some stats about teen driving that you didn’t know, and how to keep your teen safe with a tracking device from RMT.

It can be a terrifying thing thinking about the day that your child will drive. If that day has already come, there are some statistics that you should be aware of as a parent. Don’t let these statistics prevent you from giving your teen the keys, but be aware that teen drivers tend to get distracted and wind up in places they don’t belong more than other drivers. Take a look! 16 year olds get in more accidents than drivers of any other age. Why is this? Mostly because teens this age are just learning to drive, and aren’t asRead More

Is Car Tech Harmful or Useful?

Is car technology really more harmful than helpful? Here’s what you need to know. For GPS tracking solutions, call RMT today!

A lot of car manufacturers have turned to high-tech options that are supposed to make driving easier, but is this really what happens? Or, is all the technology that’s included in most 2015 models simply more harmful than good? Why Technology Can be Distracting If you’ve ever tried to figure out how to use the voice command options in your car while also trying to navigate traffic, you probably have a good idea of how technology can cause problems. Most new cars take a few hours to get used to, and some car dealerships even provide buyers with detailed walk-throughsRead More

How to Integrate GPS Tracking and Not Scare Your Employees

Here’s how you can incorporate fleet tracking into your business without angering any employees!

A lot of fleet companies consider GPS tracking devices, but many are turned off by the assumption that employees would balk at the idea. While it’s true that integrating GPS trackers into every car or truck in your fleet might make some employees skeptical, there are ways to include this tracking technology without isolating your staff or causing any kind of disruption in services. Take a look at these top ways to add GPS to your fleet without scaring away your employees. Don’t spring a surprise: there’s nothing that angers employees more than arriving at work one day to discoverRead More

Will Cars Soon Detect Potholes?

Use a GPS tracking device to protect your vehicle, and take a look at this article to see what’s happening in pothole technology.

If you live in a cold climate, you have experienced more than a few potholes post-winter. The harsh winter weather causes pavement to buckle and crack, and this leads to roads that are riddled with potholes when the warmer weather comes around. This causes a lot of problems for drivers, since big potholes can cause some serious damage. Additionally, most drivers will swerve or slow down unexpectedly in order to avoid potholes. This can be a serious driving hazard, and it’s something that the Land Rover/Jaguar company plans to fix. A New Kind of Car Technology Land Rover/Jaguar is currentlyRead More

Some Car Trade In Tips

Do you want to buy a new car? Read this article first, and then contact Rocky Mountain Tracking for your GPS tracking device.

Are you considering trading in your car? Did you know that there’s a good time and a bad time to do so? There are also a ton of other things to think about when it comes to your car trade-in, but most people never bother to do the research. Luckily for you, you’re reading this article right now, which means that you are about to find out a lot about trading in your car at the right time and place! Here’s the scoop. First Things First It can be very easy to become lured into buying a new car –Read More