Serious Accident in Mobile, Alabama, Remains a Mystery

In Mobile, Alabama, an accident recently occurred which left passersby gaping in shock. A police cruiser approaching a red light shot through the intersection, colliding with two vehicles and left five people seriously injured. Following this accident, police tried to piece together the scenario. Apparently, the officer at fault was on call, although witnesses made it clear that they heard no sirens and saw no lights. How a pickup truck ended up in a field far from the intersection, however, is still a mystery. What really happened? Mobile police have made it clear that they intend to use every meansRead More

GPS Causing Accidents?

by James Neely, freelance writer: click | HERE | to check out GPS products from Rocky Mountain Tracking In the state of New York, there is a move afoot to increase laws that seek to penalize truck drivers for relying on GPS Navigation systems that point them toward unconventional routes which contain low underpasses which are then struck by the large rigs. Is it a legitimate problem or one perpetuated by fear-mongering?  Most major trucking companies have extensive routing and fleet management systems in use and on-board of each truck which helps keep trucks on acceptable routes.  Trucking advocates sayRead More

Off Road Safety

By Harriette Halepis As any off-road enthusiast knows, the thrills that can be experienced when off-road driving are incomparable. With the thrill, of course, comes the risk. Driving off-road is obviously a lot riskier than driving on the highway. The different types of terrain involved, the unpredictability of the drive, and the relative remoteness of off-road locales increase the risk of serious injury significantly. Hopefully, those who take off-road driving seriously have looked into safety precautions that should be taken. For instance, it is highly recommended to lower your tire pressure before off-road driving, as this increases your traction. It’sRead More

Providing Evidence in a Vehicle Accident

By James Neely Have you ever been involved in a vehicular accident in which there was a dispute surrounding the details about who was at fault and how fast the vehicles were travelling? If you have, then you realize how invaluable it would have been to be able to substantiate your position with irrefutable evidence. You can with a GPS tracking system installed on your vehicle.

GPS is Much More than Navigation

By Greg Bartlett Almost everyone is familiar with the onboard GPS navigation systems being marketed for vehicles. These systems are able to provide drivers with real time turn by turn directions to get from point A to point B. What many people may not realize is that GPS has many other uses in a vehicle. GPS tracking is much more than simply navigation. GPS technology is now being used to protect cars and trucks. Devices are being installed in vehicles that can send out a signal retrievable by a computer with an active internet connection in the event of vehicleRead More

Rain or Shine – GPS Tracking Works Anytime

By Harriette Halepis For some reason, most of us never think of the future in stormy terms. When we picture what we might do today or tomorrow, we always tend to think of these events as being held in perfect weather. Even for those that think about potential accidents, the thought of snow, rain, ice, or other weather never seems to cross our minds. However, the truth is that most accidents and incidents happen when the skies are less than picture perfect blue. Whether a car accident or a pedestrian accident, most collisions of any kind occur amidst lousy weather.Read More

GPS Vehicle Tracking and The Teenage Driver

By Greg Bartlett One statistic that cannot be avoided is that younger less experienced drivers are more likely to be involved in an automobile accident than more experienced drivers. A 16 or 17 year old driver who has just received their license has little or no relevant experience in driving a motor vehicle. This lack of experience often leads to situations that more experienced drivers would not find themselves in. These situations can be monitored through the use of a GPS vehicle tracking device and then brought to the immature driver’s attention. A typical youthful driver seldom recognizes that theyRead More

GPS Fleet Management: Let Your Requirements Decide the Type of Vehicle Tracking System You Need

Fleet management is the primary reason for installing a GPS system, but there are many added-value benefits. While you are tempted to utilize this modern technology for your fleet business, it is essential to evaluate your requirements and then choose the most appropriate system. Let’s make an effort to determine your requirements and find a solution accordingly. Size of Your Fleet There is no such thing as too few vehicles or too many vehicles to benefit from GPS. Whether you have one vehicle or one hundred thousand vehicles, everyone benefits. The number of vehicles in your fleet can help youRead More