Free Field Trip App Helps You Find The Fun

Google recently released a new free app for iOS and Android smartphone users. It’s the perfect app for summer fun and exploration. The app is called “Field Trip” and provides users with fun and interesting things to do nearby. It uses GPS technology built-in to the smartphones to access information about what attractions are close by.   After the app is downloaded, it connects to the built-in GPS location data to determine the user’s current location. Activities and attractions range from restaurants, shops, movies and architecture, to local history and obscure events. Users can choose which type of attractions are mostRead More

Skobbler GPS Navigation & Maps App Now On Android

The key feature of Skobbler’s GPS app is the offline mapping and navigation capabilities. There is no shortage of smartphone navigation apps on the market for iOS, Android, Windows or any other system. However, up until recently, if you wanted solid offline mapping and navigation, your best hope was with an iOS device. For Android and other non-Apple smartphone and tablet users, this was a bit of a drag. Now, Android users can purchase Skobbler for their smartphones for just $1. Skobbler’s designers have no shortage of confidence in their product. They’ve been quoted calling their work the “most powerfulRead More

RunKeeper for Android Gets Facelift

Do you use the RunKeeper app, whether iOS or Android? The Boston, MA based GPS tracking app company boasts over 17 million users in over 200 countries worldwide, all thanks to the fact they are now offering the Android version of the app in six additional languages – Spanish, French, Italian, German, Japanese, and Brazilian Portuguese.   Their Android 3.2 update brings more than just additional languages to the digital table. The company wanted to freshen up the GPS tracking app “with Android design guidelines and best practices in mind,” according to a company spokesperson.   To that end, theRead More

Singapore Gets Google Maps Updates

GPS Satellites

Drivers in Singapore are celebrating with Google’s recent announcement: Google Maps Navigation is now officially available for use in Singapore. This follows the mysterious appearance and then disappearance back in early November of the country from a list of countries the app supported.   Prior to this announcement in 2010, someone hacked the GPS navigation app so it worked across the world, including Singapore. Each and every version of Google Maps Navigation for Android was hacked, but a year later Google caught on and shut them all down. They released the list of countries in early November, and although SingaporeRead More

Nikon Releases Camera Powered by Android

Technology takes another step forward in the camera world with the release of the Nikon S800c, powered by Android and featuring Wi-Fi and built-in GPS location device. This is it, the first camera in the COOLPIX line to upload directly to Instagram just like your smartphone, a smart camera if you will. What this little camera is capable of might just make your smartphone jealous.   The camera is easy on the eyes, quite similar to other cameras in the COOLPIX line – sleek, thin, and stylish. The image quality is outstanding, as with other COOLPIX cameras, and comes withRead More

Exploring the Next GPS Mobile App: My Tracks

There is no shortage of GPS apps for those that love what they can do. Finding them isn’t the problem. Choosing the right one . . . ? That’s where the difficulty starts. Now, Google has a new offering in the world of GPS mobile applications. Is it worth it? Or is it just another app in the crowd?   My Tracks for Android My Tracks for Android was actually introduced in 2009. The app, however, has received little attention until recently. It’s most recent claim to fame? Working with Team HTC-Columbia to track riders during the Tour de France.Read More

Portable GPS Navigation Devices Might Become Obsolete


The two major smartphone developers, Google and Apple, recently unveiled new navigation capabilities, which could make portable and in-dash GPS navigation devices obsolete. Earlier this month, Google announced a new interface and features for Google Maps, including the ability of Android users to download maps offline. More recently, Apple also announced new mapping and GPS navigation features for the upcoming iOS 6. When Apple made their Maps announcement, Garmin’s stock dropped close to ten percent. Certainly, portable navigation devices are still useful, but the trend suggests that smartphones may soon render them obsolete.   “We’ve been competing successfully with freeRead More

ASUS Tablet Tries to Redeem Itself With Free GPS Dongle


The ASUS Transformer Prime tablet has seen its share of speed bumps along the road to success. While it’s a popular alternative to Apple’s iPad, it has bugged users with numerous glitches, rebooting issues, and one particularly annoying feature: it comes with GPS capability, but it hardly works at all. Customers who were excited about the inclusion of GPS tracking on an Android tablet were sorely disappointed to find that they couldn’t find their way out of a paper bag with it. The main explanation for the poor GPS performance is the tablet’s casing—it’s all metal, which probably interferes withRead More

First Ever Real World GPS Shooting Game Developed for Android


Smartphones are incredible little devices that keep the world at our fingertips, and can be carried in our pockets. Their ability to run hundreds of small programs, called apps, makes them nearly limitless in function. Everyday a new app is thought up to make your life simpler or more enjoyable. One of the major tools integrated in these apps is the GPS tracking technology built-in to most smartphones. Some examples of such apps include navigation help, and locating nearby amenities like banks, parking, or restaurants. Other apps use the GPS tracking technology to assist in running or cycling training, asRead More

TeleType Announces SmartTruckRoute: GPS Navigation App for Trucks


TeleType pioneered the GPS truck navigation industry in 2008, providing the first portable GPS navigation system for trucks. The company recently announced their latest innovation: SmartTruckRoute. This application is available on all Android smartphones, and will soon be released for the iPhone and iPad devices. SmartTruckRoute stands apart from other GPS navigation apps, because it was designed with the specific needs of commercial trucks in mind. The app is also the first server-based app, providing secure back up of routes and location data. “The Android app gives truck drivers peace of mind for about 10 cents a day, regardless ofRead More