Sex Offender Arrested After Removing GPS Unit

GPS Sex Offenders

A Pasco, WA high-risk sex offender has found himself in a bit of trouble after cutting the $1,400 GPS tracking device off of his ankle and then refusing to return it to authorities despite their multiple requests. Jerome Lionel Pleasant, 22, went before the Franklin County Superior Court and pleaded his innocence to the charges of second-degree theft. His trial is set for August 29.   Although Pleasant is from Pasco, court records indicate he is a transient. He was classified as a Level 3 sex offender, which labels him as “highly likely to reoffend,” due to a 2006 first-degree childRead More

Is GPS Monitoring Enough?


In the summer of 1976, three men committed a crime that rocked the California community of Chowchilla. Now, 36 years later, the youngest of the convicts is being released on parole to be monitored for life through the use of a GPS tracking device.   The Crime Richard Schoenfeld along with his older brother and a friend hijacked a school bus filled with 26 children and their bus driver who were returning from a summer swimming trip. The children ranged in age from 5 years old to 14 years old, boys and girls. The men ditched the bus and transportedRead More