Stargazing by GPS

Even amateur stargazers can discover more about the nighttime sky using GPS apps on their iOS or Android device. These apps use the unit’s GPS coordinates to determine their location and display a guide to the night sky in that particular area. There are a number of different applications available from which to choose. Starmap One paid app that is available for iOS devices is Starmap. It displays a virtual sky based on the user’s GPS location. It then indicates the placement of various planets, stars, and other items of interest. It includes the ability to pan and rotate, asRead More

Stolen Phone is Retrieved Using Tracking App

Some thieves are being foiled by GPS tracking: the Find My iPhone app has once again scored and returned a stolen phone to its owner. About 16,000 phones were stolen in New York City last year, which averages about 44 phone thefts per day. This year, however, in April, an attempted theft resulted in the apprehension of the thief, thanks to a tracking app. The Purloined . . . Phone As a woman, standing on a corner in Queens, NY, spoke on her iPhone, a teen raced past, grabbed her phone and kept on running. The woman quickly flagged aRead More

Similar GPS Apps Create a Closer Bond

Since Garmin’s acquisition of German-based Navigon in 2011, the updated apps and features for both companies’ GPS navigation devices have become so similar that they almost can no longer to distinguished. Even though Google and Apple offer many free apps, Garmin and Navigon offer much more in the way of data and features for just under $40. The Maps  Most navigational tools come fully loaded with a set of maps for the United States and Canada. Garmin and Navigon are no exception. They are known for accurate, up-to-date maps. But now Garmin has followed Navigon’s example by giving users theRead More

When Not to Trust Your GPS

Many months ago, Apple was criticized for their release of a new Apple Maps application that just didn’t function as a map. That app may have been the turning point in the battle of consumer GPS: As Apple was poised to take over the world, the new iPhone would be the last nail in the proprietary GPS’s coffin. Unfortunately, it didn’t work. The app was rapaciously criticized once consumers—and Apple haters—discovered that many Apple Maps destinations were sometimes hundreds of miles off course. This seemed to be true especially in Europe, where British towns were placed in the middle ofRead More

Explore Attractions With MyGeoTrex


You’re on vacation, and the kids want to pay a visit to the local theme park. Upon arriving, you search for the dreaded paper map of attractions which you know will end up lost, ripped, crumpled up in your pocket, or soaking wet from one of the water rides. Isn’t there an easier way?   MyGeoTrex Corporation has found a technological solution with the release of the MyGeoTrex (MGT) smartphone app that relies on your smartphone’s GPS location capabilities. With the MGT app, your entire attraction experience is taken to the next level, whether at a zoo, museum, theme park,Read More

Apple Swoops Into GPS Industry with Difficulty

The Cult of Mac has been threatening to spill over into the mainstream for the past half decade or so, as good will through phenomenal engineering, spectacular customer service, unbeatable aesthetics and outright coolness brought Steve Jobs’ Apple to the forefront of consumer technology. When Jobs died late last year, many other segments of the tech industry wondered if Apple’s reign of awesome was over. One misstep, one mistake from Apple’s new leader, Tim Cook, would bring the naysayers to the front of the line, all hoping to repaint Apple as a shadow of what it once was.   Recently,Read More

GPS and Food: An Unusual Partnership

Coffee and sugar. Peaches and cream. Apples and Pie. What does food have in common with the GPS industry? Partnerships. Just as cream gives peaches new life, the right partnerships can push businesses into the forefront of their respective industries. For GPS companies, this truth applies as much as ever. To illustrate, consider the partnership between a London investment firm and a GPS mobile app giant.   Talis Capital Partners with Navmii Holdings London investment firm Talis Capital is doing good things for the GPS app industry. Its partnership with the GPS navigation app provider Navmii Holdings, PLC shows promisingRead More

A Fully Integrated GPS System by Apple


Independent navigational devices may soon be the technology of the past. Apple plans to release its iOS 6 in the fall of 2012 and with it a whole new Maps app that will fully integrate GPS technology in its iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch products. Apple recently dropped Google Maps from its apps list because Google Maps did not provide voice directions or special features to enhance travel. Instead, Apple has designed its own map application that will give the user detailed, accurate, and hands-free direction assistance along with a whole lot more.   Basic Features Not only will theRead More

Upgrades for Navigon App for iOS

Garmin has announced their Navigon GPS app for iOS will be receiving some upgrades after Apple and Google both announced their plans to upgrade their own standard GPS apps, as well as Microsoft announcing their new Windows Phone 8OS will include free GPS navigation and onboard maps. Navigon version 2.1 adds Google Street View and Cockpit, which displays driving data, available as an in-app purchase. The Navigon GPS app will still offer a routing algorithm and onboard maps.   Garmin has also made a few improvements, such as the amount of time the app takes to start as well asRead More

Portable GPS Navigation Devices Might Become Obsolete


The two major smartphone developers, Google and Apple, recently unveiled new navigation capabilities, which could make portable and in-dash GPS navigation devices obsolete. Earlier this month, Google announced a new interface and features for Google Maps, including the ability of Android users to download maps offline. More recently, Apple also announced new mapping and GPS navigation features for the upcoming iOS 6. When Apple made their Maps announcement, Garmin’s stock dropped close to ten percent. Certainly, portable navigation devices are still useful, but the trend suggests that smartphones may soon render them obsolete.   “We’ve been competing successfully with freeRead More