GPS for Boat Safety

The death of four tourists in January in a houseboat accident in the state of Kerala, India, has led to a new idea for using GPS tracking devices. Authorities in Kerala are piloting a program to put GPS devices on 100 houseboats to create a safer environment for tourists and locals alike. By using GPS tracking devices, the government will be in a better position to maintain awareness of the locations of houseboats, which attract many tourists but also run many risks in backwater areas within Kerala. How it Will Work The main part of the program using GPS technologyRead More

GPS Tracking Assists Recreational Boat Owners


The most recent New York Boat Show showcased technology that would have dropped the jaws of the show’s early founders. One of the most interesting features to appear at the show is known as Skyhook. Skyhook uses GPS tracking technology to “anchor” a boat in a certain location. By choosing a specific GPS map location, the navigator can program the boat’s motors to do whatever is necessary to remain within five feet of that spot. The technology makes it easy for fisherman, divers, and other boaters to ensure that their boats stay put while they enjoy the activities they cameRead More