GPS for Boat Safety

The death of four tourists in January in a houseboat accident in the state of Kerala, India, has led to a new idea for using GPS tracking devices. Authorities in Kerala are piloting a program to put GPS devices on 100 houseboats to create a safer environment for tourists and locals alike. By using GPS tracking devices, the government will be in a better position to maintain awareness of the locations of houseboats, which attract many tourists but also run many risks in backwater areas within Kerala. How it Will Work The main part of the program using GPS technologyRead More

Hemisphere GPS Keeps Seamen Safe

There’s more to a GPS designed specifically for Marine GPS applications than meets the eye. To the casual seaman, an iPhone may seem like an adequate GPS tracking device for basic navigation tasks. However, marine GPS devices have been around longer, have been used with great effectiveness, and hold several key advantages to boaters who need a reliable GPS navigator when taking on the high seas. Hemisphere hopes to take marine GPS consumer technology to the next level with its new line of Vector GPS products. New GPS Products Hemisphere’s Vector V103 GPS and Vector V113 GPS compass devices areRead More

GPS on the High Seas

marina-boats-downtown San Diego

At the end of January, the theft of a $5,000 GPS navigation system from a Tiara boat was reported in Boca Raton, Florida. Most people were probably more astonished at the price of the system than the theft itself, considering that most marine GPS devices range in the low hundreds, not thousands. However, Tiara Yachts is no ordinary company. They use top of the line products in all their luxury boats, including high-tech Garmin GPS systems. The Basic Marine GPS System A marine GPS device does more than enable a boater to keep his bearings. It also provides him withRead More

Enjoy Boating — But Don’t Forget Your GPS!

Boating is both a critical industry and an enjoyable hobby. Ships travel all over the world carrying invaluable cargo which represents the heart of international trade.  Every summer, vacationers enjoy sailing the seven seas to leisurely take in the sight of seemingly endless ocean. And of course there are also those who savor the quiet solitude of a still lake on a sunny morning as they drift in a canoe. Regardless of the type of boat in which you travel, one of the safest and most innovative ways to keep track of your location – and ultimately to protect yourselfRead More

NASCAR and Boat Races Gain Help From GPS

Racing ranks right up there with baseball, hot dogs, and apple pie as an undisputed piece of Americana for many parts of the country. But unfortunately, the race itself often does raise disputes. Who crossed the finish line first? Did boat number three cross out of his lane? Questions like these have traditionally been answered by officials who, admittedly, sometimes don’t see the true picture. Bad calls leave frustrated fans and even more frustrated participants. But GPS tracking has begun to change all that. The devices have already been implemented in some NASCAR races,  and boating events across the countryRead More

Sailing the Mackinac Race with GPS

By Greg Bartlett On July 25, the 85th running of the Pure Michigan Bayview Mackinac Race will begin.  Thousands of people will gather at Port Huron to watch the sailboats set out, and a few days later the crowd will gather again at Mackinac Island to watch the finish.  In between the two exciting events, however, everyone just has to wait to find out what happens.  Or at least they used to.  This year the race will involve GPS tracking of the sailboats.  Now you can visit the official website,, and follow the progress of any or all ofRead More

GPS Tracker to Protect Recreational Water Vehicles

By Greg Bartlett With the coming of summer, people will soon be out in droves to enjoy the sun and participate in outdoor sports and recreation. Many will plan long afternoons and evenings out on the lake or in the harbor in recreational watercrafts. While a large percentage of the population thinks about the possibility of auto theft and takes precautions to prevent it, relatively few people ever consider the possibility of their boats being stolen. A casual stroll through your local marina may reveal unattended boats with no locks, keys left in the ignition, or even boats left idlingRead More