GPS Fleet Tracking Lends a Competitive Edge to Businesses


Using GPS tracking in fleet vehicles can vastly improve efficiency and lower delivery costs for companies. That’s why many fleet managers are stepping away from radio communication and clipboards to embrace the newer technology: on-board GPS equipment for their vehicles. Advantages are myriad, including greater employee accountability, lowering fuel costs and travel time, and improved customer service. Many GPS platforms can now coordinate a variety of web-enabled communication avenues, including texting and messaging directly to the GPS device in the vehicle, so a fleet manager can always be in touch with drivers.   Driver Accountability Tracking technology enables fleet managersRead More

GPS Helps Businesses Make the Most Out of Their Budget


With gas prices on the rise, many businesses are struggling to stretch their dollars. The industries most affected by high fuel costs will need to get creative if they hope to stay afloat during these uncertain economic times. Among other tactics, many businesses are turning to GPS tracking technology to help make the most out of expensive fossil fuels. By monitoring vehicle movement, managers can better see where employees can make changes to save the company money. FedEx, with its impressive budget, was early to integrate GPS tracking technology. Presumably, part of the reasoning was potential fuel cost savings, butRead More

Kayak Thief Caught By Savvy Business Owner

A kayak thief was apprehended at his home in Southborough, MA and pleaded not guilty to the charge of receiving stolen property worth over $250 and possession of burglary tools, despite the fact police used the information obtained from GPS tracking devices placed inside the kayaks to catch him. Matthew Alexander was spotted getting into a car that just happened to have two kayaks on top, which just happened to contain the GPS devices cleverly hidden inside by owner Michael Aghajanian.  He was tired of watching kayaks disappear from his business, a watercraft rental business at Hopkinton State Park.  InRead More

GPS + Summer Business = The Perfect Mix

Consider the benefits of GPS tracking for the summer business owners who work while teachers are on vacation. This kind of summer business is a way of life for Americans. Whether it’s that old-fashioned Puritan work ethic or just a love for fun in the sun, we like to get out and do things. Despite the heat, we still find plenty to enjoy in the great outdoors and plenty of opportunities for earning extra cash. A GPS tracker is a piece of technology with a million potential uses to save a business owner money, energy, time, and stress. These devicesRead More

Four Easy Steps to Business Risk Prevention

One of the greatest uses for GPS tracking is theft prevention. Before GPS, if something was stolen, the unfortunate odds were that you wouldn’t get it back. Often the stolen items had already disappeared on the black market, never to be seen again. This was true for everything from jewelry to cars. But GPS has changed the scene, and even owners of the smallest businesses can reap the benefits of a GPS investment. GPS trackers have a lot of different uses, but for the moment let’s focus on one – protecting yourself against the theft of your vehicle. Step One:Read More

Go Green and Save Some Green With GPS Tracking

Article Written by Greg Bartlett Times are tough in the business world. Companies continually look for ways to save money while at the same time reducing environmental impact. With gas prices swelling and the cost of doing business increasing, environmental efforts are not always as easy as they seem. Fleet managers especially need a way to evaluate how they use resources and how they can save money and incorporate green management practices at the same time. One of the best ways to accomplish both goals is to incorporate GPS Tracking devices for each vehicle in the fleet. By equipping eachRead More

Fleet Tracking Managers Love New GPS Technology

Are you an owner of a company? Do you use tractor trailers to transport your goods or services? If so, tractor trailers are becoming targets of thieves in various places around the country. Would you like to rest easy knowing that you can track your goods using fleet tracking? It will come in handy not only to assist in the recovery of stolen goods but also allows you to monitor the truck (e.g., going the right direction, validation of time driven, etc.). Basically, fleet tracking allows you to monitor/track any number of vehicles in real time, indicating the precise locationRead More

Protect What You Already Have (and Save Money!)

Theft in the construction industry is becoming increasingly common as bulldozers and Bobcats disappear from jobsites. Also common is to have parts and doors stolen from heavy equipment to be sold for scrap. Random items such as skid loaders, forks, rims, electric motors, tractor weights, concrete rebar, PTO shafts and more are routinely stolen from construction sites. A GPS tracking device is the key to protecting assets on the job site. In the case of rental equipment, the device can alert you if the equipment leaves a predetermined area. Fleet equipment and vehicles can be closely monitored, also. Real timeRead More

A Watchful GPS Tracking Device Keeps Employees Sharp

You know how you immediately change your driving habits when you are being followed by a police car? You are so careful in making sure that each movement is within the law. This is also true when it comes to your work. Employees who are closely watched tend to work better and with more productivity than those who are not monitored. GPS Tracking works in the same manner. Verification of activities is one of the strongest reasons to obtain and implement a system. Location monitoring is the most valuable of benefits. When assets are outfitted with GPS Tracking devices, monitoringRead More

Vitamins Hijacked (then Swiftly Recovered with GPS Tracking)

Truck drivers make their living by driving long hours and transporting large amounts of goods within a state or between states. They are targets for theft because their goods carry significant value. Can you imagine your rather large tractor trailer stolen right from the truck stop while you were dining? It continues to happen, even though safeguards are in place to protect expensive consumer goods traveling cross country. A GPS tracking system allows a person possessing a GPS-enabled device to track people or possessions that have a GPS device attached to them. The GPS tracking system has twenty-four satellites spreadRead More