Car Thieves Strike Craigslist

by Harriette Halepis Source acquired via Newser, July 8, 2010 – Public warnings related to Craigslist are nothing new, but this time the warning is coming straight from the New York Police Department. The NYPD has been repeatedly warning the general public to be extra careful when allowing potential buyers to test drive listed cars. Savvy Craigslist listers are quickly finding out that GPS tracking devices can do more than track stolen goods – they can potentially save lives. The NYPD has picked up on a recent scam that many within the New York City (and other) area have fallenRead More

Houston Police Put On Demonstration

Car Safety When discussing car safety and auto-theft protection many experts will usually discuss GPS tracking systems, car alarms or more simple steps such as parking a vehicle in the garage or locking doors. The experts will usually share statistics about the increase in car burglaries, and some helpful tips on how to prevent the problem. Taking a more hands-on approach to the problem with car-theft and burglary, the Houston Police Department decided to give people a demonstration on how quickly and efficiently the bad guys operate. With the assistance of State Farm Insurance, who provided the police a demoRead More

Stolen Vehicle? Relax – You Have a GPS Tracking Device!

By Greg Bartlett Thousands of vehicles are stolen each year, and only a handful of them are recovered. Many people are left with a stressful problem when their vehicle is stolen. Vehicular theft is a growing problem in many areas, and people are unaware of this problem, or they think that they are immune to this problem. Vehicles are commonly stolen, and they can be very difficult to locate. This epidemic is getting solved through vehicle recovery systems that allow vehicle owners to track their vehicle using state of the art GPS tracking technologies. People love gps tracking technology, andRead More

Truth in GPS – Your Discreet Private Eye

Trust is a difficult thing to come by.  And all it takes is one mistake or misstep to lose that trust in someone…instantly.  Sometimes that break in trust is simply a misunderstanding.  If this is the case, the only way to fix it is with first-hand knowledge.  As you seek to gain that first-hand knowledge, you may not want the other person to know that you are “investigating” them.  One really easy way to investigate and gather information discreetly is by using a GPS tracking device.  So whether it is a wayward teenager or a wandering spouse, you can easilyRead More

5 Reasons You Need GPS in Your Car

by James Neely, freelance writer: click | HERE | to check out GPS products from Rocky Mountain Tracking It’s not if you need a GPS tracking device in your car, but when you are going to get one.  If that sounds like a stretch, then consider the following five reasons that you need to get one of these units in your car right now. Road Safety Safety on the road means being prepared for anything.  Tracking systems allow your vehicle to be tracked to within a few feet of its actual location.  Should you become involved in an accident, youRead More

The One Safety Feature You Need in Your Next Vehicle

by James Neely, freelance writer: click | HERE | to check out GPS products from Rocky Mountain Tracking A certain manufacturer of American vehicles includes a GPS tracking system on-board which provides many useful functions.  These systems are usually subscription-free for the first year and then around $15.00 per month thereafter.  Is it worth the cost?  Just ask someone who has been in an accident and has been able to notify emergency agencies when the system is automatically activated after an emergency. Does it have its downfalls?  Of course, and you need to know what they are before you makeRead More

Lightning Fast Vehicle Recovery with GPS Trackers

By Greg Bartlett When a thief steals you car, he may get away with more than you think.  In addition to your vehicle, any valuables, electronics or personal information you have in your car at the time of the theft becomes his property.  The problem is that car thieves can prove to be elusive to law enforcement officials.  Once your car is stolen, you have no idea where it is located and neither do the police, making vehicle recovery very difficult.  Unless your vehicle is spotted, it may never be recovered or seen again. Perhaps the answer is a GPSRead More

GPS Tracking Saves You Money

by James Neely, freelance writer: click | HERE | to check out GPS products from Rocky Mountain Tracking Auto theft recovery efforts are aided by the use of GPS Tracking systems across the world.  Even in the UK, recovery efforts in 2009 surpassed £12 million.  We are talking about big dollars here in the United States as well. But, beyond big conglomerate numbers a GPS Tracking device can save you money.  Here’s how: Lower Insurance Rates Did you know that many insurance companies provide a discount on your monthly premiums if you have a GPS Tracking device installed and inRead More

Car Tracking Helps Your Family

By Greg Bartlett Most people think that tracking devices are just an infringement on their personal rights. While this may sometimes be true, it is more commonly used to protect and help people. Some of the more common uses for car tracking devices are to track teenagers and spouses while they travel. There are more accidents occurring every day than ever before and teens are often charged with negligent driving due to peer pressure and a lack of driving skills. Whether your teen fits these criteria, or whether he is a safe driver, car tracking may be the answer toRead More

The Best Uses for GPS Tracking

By Greg Bartlett There are many different uses of GPS tracking in the world today. Almost anyone can purchase and use a GPS, although there are different types available, depending on your needs. There are basically two different types of GPS systems. The first type of GPS tracking is passive, while the other is active. Passive tracking occurs when the GPS unit itself records and keeps the data that it receives from the vehicle or person that it is tracking. This information can later be downloaded and processed onto a computer. The other type of tracking is active, which meansRead More