Keeping Track of Your Kids

Finding Loved Ones  “It’s 10 PM. Do you know where your children are?” The question posed by this old TV announcement can now be answered more easily than before, thanks to personal GPS tracking devices created for kids. The idea behind the trend comes from parents concerned about the whereabouts of their children. They want to see all their kids’ location and movements, even in real time. The fear of kidnapping by child predators has some parents scared and very vigilant. Parents may also want to track their teen to make sure they are being safe and staying in designatedRead More

Parents Use GPS Tracking On Their Children

In an age of technology and independence, some parents have turned to GPS tracking to monitor their children’s whereabouts and activities. Although the practice can be controversial, some say that it is the best option they have found. The Problem Technology and a changing culture have given young people more independence than they have ever had before. Nearly every teenager owns a smartphone and thus has access to a whole world of activities and possibilities. Concerned parents want to be sure that their children are safe and that they are not engaged in behaviors that could harm them. Some parentsRead More

India Leads the Way in Fighting Crime with GPS

The nation of India has embraced GPS technology like perhaps no other nation. Beginning with a brazen, public rape that garnered international attention and led to massive protests throughout the country, local and national authorities have begun a well publicized, widespread program to install GPS tracking devices and closed caption television (CCTV) in just about every place imaginable.  The latest beneficiary of India’s all-out utilization of GPS is in school buses. With a rash of school bus molestations occurring by attendants responsible for keeping the children safe, public outrage again demanded action on the part of Indian authorities.  The resultRead More

Parents Consider GPS Tracking for Children

Child Services GPS

Terrifying stories of child kidnappings have prompted some parents to explore GPS tracking options for their own kids. Parents feel that knowing their children’s whereabouts is essential to safety, and that tracking devices could locate kids speedily if they wandered off or went missing.   Because the child abduction rate is rather high, there is a growing awareness of the need to keep track of children; if a child is not in the house, a parent cannot simply assume that he went down the street to play with a friend. Some parents would go to any necessary lengths to maintainRead More

No More Hide and Seek with GPS Tracking

Children and GPS

Anyone who’s read enough on the basics of GPS tracking can get a pretty good idea of its uses—among the many, the ability to track lost individuals (pets or human). Wouldn’t parents love to have that technology at their fingertips for their children. However, the cost for that kind of equipment, i.e. a smartphone with the appropriate app for GPS tracking, goes into the hundreds of dollars, and an electronically monitored pet collar like Tagg is not an option on kids (besides, it’s unfashionable). As of summer 2013, that won’t be a problem.   What is the Evado Filip Vivoplay?Read More

Preventing Family Abduction with GPS Monitoring

Baby and big shoes

It’s every parent’s nightmare—the kidnapping of a son or daughter. But when the kidnapper is the child’s other parent, the case becomes even more complicated. Even if the child is returned, what is to keep it from happening again? Many such cases are looking to GPS monitoring to keep track of the offending partner while awaiting criminal charges and custody decisions.   Case in Point In 2008 Emiko Inoue fled her home in Wisconsin with her daughter to return to her home country of Japan the same day her husband filed divorce papers. It took four years to get herRead More

Amber Alert GPS and The Little Gym Form Partnership

Children and GPS

Parents know that today’s world is much different that the one they grew up in. The days of roaming the neighborhood until the street lights come on are over, replaced with staying where mom and dad can make visual contact, or maybe carrying a cell phone when heading to the local park and traveling in groups. Luckily, there is another technological weapon in our arsenal aimed at keeping children safe while giving them a sense of indepence: a GPS device.   Amber Alert GPS makes a GPS tracking device specifically for children to carry, showing parents where their child isRead More

Be Prepared for the Worst with the FBI Child ID App

With so many GPS tracking apps offered for keeping your children safe, how does a parent go about choosing one of them?  One simple way is to determine exactly what you want to do. Does your child have a cell phone?  You probably want an app installed on their phone such as Family Tracker, alerting you to your child’s location.  If the child is older, you may wish to install iHound on their phone.  This app leaves your child responsible for sending an alert when they have arrived at the library after getting out of school, or any other placeRead More

GPS and Electronic IDs Spark Schoolbus Concerns

Many school districts across the nation are playing a grown up game of “I Spy” using GPS tracking technology and electronic Identification tags. In addition to the numerous GPS tracking devices that have been installed in many school buses throughout the nation, some districts now require students to carry electronic identification cards. Student ID cards work the same way that employee identification cards do, which means that a school district can keep a close eye on all children throughout the day. As soon as a student (including Kindergarten students) enters a school bus, these students are required to swipe anRead More

Home Alone Tips

By Harriette Halepis Will your child arrive home from school before you do? Lots of kids today find their own way home from school – a scenario that’s unavoidable if both parents work late. While many kids are perfectly capable of arriving at home safely, it’s important to lay down some ground rules if your child will be at home alone. 1. Make sure to establish some kind of notification system with your child. When your child arrives at home after school, ask them to call you on your cell phone (or at your office) right away. 2. Walk thoughRead More