GPS Tracking Replaces ‘Helicopter Parenting’

All parents know the fears associated with protecting their children from bad people and questionable situations. Many teenagers know the frustrations resulting from overly protective parents. Parents want to make sure their child is safe. Teens want to try out their newly found wings and venture into adulthood. Thus, conflict results. No parent wants to stunt the growth of a child. However, good parents want to stay active in their children’s lives and protect them from unscrupulous activities that they are not mature enough to handle on their own just yet. Some people call that “helicopter parenting” because the parentRead More

GPS Tracking for Child Safety

By Greg Bartlett GPS tracking for children provides parents with information on the location of the child at any time during the day. Working parents who are unable to be with their children during the day often rely heavily on the devices to keep them informed about their child’s whereabouts and safety. While costs can be high, the good news for parents is that prices are coming down enough to put GPS tracking devices within reach for most families. The benefits of GPS tracking for kids are numerous. Children go missing in America every day, and many times the kidnapperRead More

Where’s Your Child?

By Greg Bartlett Recently, our local newspapers began heralding the disappearance of a young girl as she walked home from school. For a few days, everyone worried about her, but then she was found – dead. Unfortunately, her story is not unique. Children do sometimes disappear, especially when alone, such as walking home from school. But some parents don’t have a car or the time and ability to pick up their child after school just to drive a couple blocks to home. After all, the school is what, three blocks away? Surely it would be safe to let your fourteen-year-oldRead More

GPS and Your Kids’ Protection

By Greg Bartlett The nation was riveted on October 15th as images of a flying saucer hovering over Colorado filled news channels everywhere. The oblong, silver monstrosity held no aliens, but as state police and even National Guard units scrambled to follow it, what they hoped to find inside was actually a small, 6-year-old boy. The story was even carried internationally by all major networks, and nearly everyone near a TV set or on a news site followed the drama. Thankfully, to everyone’s relief, the boy was merely hiding in his attic and discovered by an investigator staying with theRead More

GPS Tracking vs GPS Navigation

By Greg Bartlett GPS technology has brought many benefits to the world of traveling and navigation. While most people are familiar with GPS navigation systems such as Garmin and Tom Tom and many are familiar with the term GPS tracking, many of those same people don’t understand the difference in the two concepts. Hearing the term GPS conjures images of the box that attaches to your windshield or dashboard and displays a map complete with voice directions indicating where you should turn to reach your destination. This application is one use of GPS, but GPS tracking systems may be evenRead More

Are Amusement Parks Dangerous For Kids?

By Harriette Halepis Kids love amusement parks. Clowns, toys, games, fun rides, and sticky treats all add up to a great day. While amusement parks are certainly a lot of fun, they can also be relatively dangerous. A large number of child molesters, kidnappers, and other types of criminals tend to lurk around park grounds. The best way to make sure that your kids stay safe is to keep a careful eye on them at all times. Of course, this might not be easy considering the fact that there are hundreds inside of most parks at any given time. WhatRead More

Parents Track School Buses Online with GPS Tracking

By Greg Bartlett I remember my first day of school. I was excited and eager to head off to school, make new friends, and start learning. My parents took me to school and picked me up. But for some parents, the opportunity to drop off and pick up their children from school just isn’t feasible. Instead, their children ride the bus to school, leaving the parents with a new set of fears. They’re not just worried about how their child with fit in, find friends, and enjoy classes. Now they’re also worried about where their child is during the longRead More

Give Your Child A GPS Tracker

By Greg Bartlett Parents around the world are finding that there is a steady increase in crime against children. Kidnappings that lead to rape and murder are on the increase in several countries, including the US, UK, and Greece. Parents can help protect their children by giving them a specially built GPS tracker. These devices are made in different forms for children to carry. The simplest are simply wafer like devices carried in the pockets or sewn into the lining of jackets. More advanced models look and function much like a cell phone equipped for emergency use only. Many evenRead More

Locating People With GPS Tracking

By Greg Bartlett Today’s society is highly mobile. Many families have two or more vehicles either in the garage or driveway. The asset of having a vehicle available, combined with the interstate highway system allows a person to be hundreds of miles away from their home in a relatively short period of time. Once a person has left home, how can family members ensure that they know the location of that person with any degree of certainty? Locating people with GPS tracking ensures that the person’s location is always available. The reasons for wanting to know a person’s location varyRead More

GPS Kids

By Harriette Halepis Many years ago, the term “latchkey kid” was coined. This term referred to children that carried keys to their homes on them at all times. These children often went home to empty houses, which is why they had to carry a set of keys with them. Today, latchkey kids still exist, only they are starting to carry another item with them as well: a GPS tracker. Parents have begun to realize that a short phone call to mom or dad after school doesn’t mean that their children will stay inside of a house until an adult arrives.Read More