Home Invaders Nabbed Thanks To GPS

Many are against the use of GPS tracking device to track the movements of criminals if a warrant is not first obtained. However, most will agree that as long as there is a warrant, there is nothing wrong with catching a criminal in this manner. The old saying, “If you don’t want to do the time, don’t do the crime” applies in a way: “If you don’t want your activities to be monitored via GPS device, don’t do anything illegal.” From September 2012 to January 2013, police watched as burglary after burglary occurred in Michigan, more specifically Kent and IoniaRead More

Technology, Including GPS, Leads To Trouble For Michigan Man

A note to criminals: you’d better watch what you tweet while on bail. Otherwise, you might end up in even bigger trouble! Tevin Bilal Clay, a 20-year old man from Flint, Michigan was arrested on charges he robbed a pharmacy in Burton. How was he nabbed? A GPS tracking device led the authorities directly to him. And another form of technology led to a second arrest after initially posting bail: Twitter. GPS Device Brings Initial Arrest According to the complaint initially filed in Flint US District Court, Clay robbed a Rite Aid pharmacy in Burton on April 11 just beforeRead More

New Orleans: GPS Leads Authorities To Rape Suspect

A cab driver for the city of New Orleans was arrested and charged with kidnapping and raping a woman thanks to the GPS device installed in the taxi he drove. 40-year-old Sohail Kahn, driver for Yellow Cab taxi company, was charged with simple rape and second degree kidnapping of one of his customers. Police allege he picked the victim up early in the morning, watched her fall asleep, and then pulled over to sexually assault her. Afterwards, he drove her to a new location and released her. She immediately returned to her apartment to contact police, who drove her toRead More

Is Your Phone a Crime-Stopping Device?

A phone’s GPS tracking capabilities can lead authorities to a suspect. Take, for instance, the recent incident wherein two thieves were found when police used a victim’s phone to trace their whereabouts. Rolando Ojeda and Anthony Castaneda, both of Blue Island, IL were charged with aggravated robbery after they held up two young men. Among the items taken was an iPhone. Because the phone was not turned off, police were able to locate it and the thieves a short distance away using a phone-tracking app.   Proponents of the use of GPS tracking in order to solve crimes claim thatRead More

GPS Tracks Down Knife-Wielding Assailant

Last December police in Kansas City, Missouri arrested a man after he refused to pay for a cab ride, stabbed his female cab driver, and took off with her car. Unbeknownst to the cabby’s attacker, though, was the fact that this particular company, Checker Cabs, has equipped all of it’s vehicles with GPS tracking units. And while the cab company was unable to track the vehicle the night of the attack due to some technological malfunctions, by the next morning they had re-established tracking to the cab and the police were able to confront, and after a brief high speedRead More

GPS: India’s Newest Crime Fighting Weapon

GPS Tracking Trains in India

The highly publicized rape and murder of a woman in New Delhi, India has lead to calls for reform in the rapidly modernizing nation. But while local and national politicians have begun debating new laws regarding prosecuting and punishing rapists, officials in Karnataka have begun instituting preventive measures to ensure the safety of the women in the area. State legislators announced in December that taxis and autorickshaws will be equipped with GPS devices, presumably to hold their operators accountable for where they drive their clients.   New Delhi, which has the dubious honor of being sometimes called India’s “rape capital,”Read More

Police Aided in Catching Drug Dealers with GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking & Theft Prevention

GPS tracking of suspects’ vehicles have become increasingly useful in catching and charging individuals with criminal activity and deterring ongoing crime, such as in the area of drug trafficking.   Catching ‘Em Red-handed GPS technology has proved a valuable tool for police when tracking drug dealers. For instance, in Mankato, Minnesota, officers gained a warrant allowing them to place a GPS tracking device onto the vehicle a suspect was using to travel back and forth from a drug pick-up point. GPS tracking notified law enforcement via text alert of the car’s every move—whenever it started, stopped, left or entered theRead More

St. Louis: Homicide Victim’s Car Located With GPS

Friends and relatives gathered at the funeral of Ebony Jackson, found shot to death in the trunk of her own car in St. Louis in late January. This discovery was made four days after authorities found her baby abandoned in Brekenridge Hills. Authorities relied on the GPS device installed in her car from the dealership which is usually used to track down the vehicles of those who aren’t making their car payments.   30-year-old Jackson’s three-month-old son, Donavon Prom, was discovered in his car seat in the hallway of a Breckenridge Hills apartment complex by a resident on his wayRead More

Battling Rape in New Delhi, India With GPS

GPS Tracking Trains in India

Out of all of India’s cities, New Delhi has the largest number of sex crimes. According to information studied by police, a rape is reported in the city every 18 hours. Most of these crimes aren’t even included in those figures as the majority are unreported and never spoken of. However, after the brutal gang rape of a young student back on December 16, 2012, the issue has been brought to the forefront. Human Rights Watch released a report accusing the government of not doing enough to protect its children from such treatment, and called upon them to enact childRead More

GPS Tracking May Be Helpful in Catching Cops Involved in Alleged Crimes

We already know that police departments have been using GPS tracking to help reduce crime while keeping track of patrol cars on the field. GPS tracking helps police officers track and find criminals and in gathering submittable evidence of criminal activity. GPS tracking can also be used to track evidence that has been stored, and track illicit cargo and/or stolen goods.   But what about using GPS tracking to track police officers who may be committing on-duty crimes themselves? In a case involving an ex-Houston Police Department cop, both GPS tracking and photos are among the evidence being presented in aRead More