House Arrest Under GPS

Once used only to track released sex offenders under Jessica’s Law, California counties are now looking at and implementing early release programs based on GPS technology for other nonviolent criminals. Inmates are being fitted with tracking devices and monitored by probation officers through a laptop and Google Earth maps, thus reducing prison overcrowding and cost. In October 2011, California passed realignment legislature that allows the state to delegate nonviolent criminals formerly under its jurisdiction to county jails. Though there are no direct transfers, new offenders receiving a sentence or finishing out a sentence, can be assigned to the county. BecauseRead More

GPS Legal Woes Throw Sex Offender Defense for a Loop


Jeffrey Kitze has had a long and storied relationship with the law. The convicted rapist, a computer repair technician in Virginia, is in the midst of a stalking trial that may send the individual back to jail after a two decade stay. The “Graduation Day Rapist” In 1989, Kitze joined his sister for her graduation from UVA Law School. There, he met his sister’s roommate. The next day, according to his criminal conviction, he hit his sister’s roommate repeatedly with a tire iron and assaulted the woman. He was quickly convicted, and remained in jail until 2009. Constant GPS MonitoringRead More