Bangkok Takes the GPS Route

On any given day in Bangkok, Thailand, you can find more than 20,000 buses, minibuses, and vans operating on 470 routes. In a city of 8 million people with another 14 million in the greater Bangkok Metropolitan Region, public transportation is a necessity. Unfortunately, public transportation can also be a great liability. Now, the Land Transport Department is working to get all its buses as well as its trucks used for carrying dangerous goods equipped with global positioning technology to help improve public transportation. A Bit of History Like any developing urban city, Bangkok depends on transportation to get itsRead More

Vaccination Safety Ensured Thanks to Intelleflex’s GPS RFID Reader


Ensuring safety of the vaccinations we give to our children and loved ones is important. Some of these vaccinations require storage in a controlled environment, and to help achieve this goal during transport, Intelleflex has introduced a new GPS RFID reader and database in the cloud to monitor temperatures during each step of the transportation process. The CMR-6100 cellular multiprotocol reader and associated Zest Data Services cloud platform was introduced on April 3, and it gives both manufacturers and health care professionals peace of mind that the precious cargo, both food and pharmaceutical items, will reach their destination without spoiling. Read More

Apps Make Food Delivery Easier

Ordering food is simple. Just pick up the phone, call your favorite restaurant, and place your order. Within thirty minutes or so, the food that you ordered will be delivered to your doorstep. Easy, right? Well, a few clever smartphone apps are making the food delivery process even easier. Apps such as “Seamless” have made it possible to order food from your smartphone without talking to a soul. Once downloaded, you can search for your favorite food spot, check off the items that you want to order, and enter your address. Wait the required amount of time, and your foodRead More

Fleet Tracking Using GPS

By Greg Bartlett Although many people may think that fleet tracking could never apply to them, they could never be further from the truth. While fleet tracking is usually provided to companies that have a large number of vehicles in distribution, this is not always the case. Also, if you choose to use one of the vehicles that come from these companies, it will be good for you to know how your actions are being monitored, so that you can drive safely and carefully. Many rental car companies have lost vehicles through bad drivers or thieves that manipulate the system.Read More

GPS Vehicle Tracking Reduces Expenses for Charities

By Greg Bartlett For most people, the holidays bring excitement, joy, and memory-making moments, from reuniting with friends and family to shopping for the perfect gift to planning dazzling holiday menus. For some, however, the holidays only magnify the struggle to pay the bills and put food on the table. All around the country, struggling families rely on companies like Food Lifeline to help them feed their families. During times of economic downturn, the companies receive even more requests for assistance, and they are constantly looking for ways to cut operating costs in order to put more money toward theRead More

Food Banks Make Good Use of GPS Tracking Technology

By Harriette Halepis Handing out cans of soup to the homeless has gone high-tech with a little help from GPS tracking systems. Food banks across the United States have begun to track food donations using GPS trackers in an effort to make food delivery more efficient. While canned foods and frozen foods are certainly welcome in any food bank, many food bank managers are trying to provide healthier meals for those in need. By collecting unsold fresh meat from butchers, vegetables from farmers, and other healthy staples from community members, food banks have discovered a way to help diminish hungerRead More

GPS Watches Your Personal Property

There it goes down the road.  All of your personal belongings in a moving van.  And, didn’t you just meet the ones who are moving your precious things a few days ago?  Did you think to check them out?  How about that moving company?  Are they reputable?  So many questions and now you are stuck. But, before you get into this position, you should make use of a GPS Tracking device.  How will this help you?  Here is some good advice: Track Movement Just before you finish packing up your prized belongings for a move across the state or country,Read More

How’s My Driving? GPS Trackers Tell the Story

By Greg Bartlett Today as I drove home I stopped at a traffic light behind one of those trucks which has the note asking, “How’s My Driving?” To be honest, I have never called in and answered that question, and neither has anyone else I know. Managers are, naturally, concerned with how their employees are driving. They have safety concerns and practical concerns. Are the drivers being reckless? Are they speeding? Are they taking inefficient routes? Are they wasting company resources? Managers need to and can find out how their drivers are doing. Maybe not from all the other drivers,Read More

The Hidden Advantage Your Business Has Over the Competition

By James Neely Every business is looking for an edge over their competition. This is especially true since economic times are difficult and making money is more challenging than it has been in a very long time. If your business utilizes vehicles or equipment that is used out of doors, then you should consider adding a GPS Tracking system to each of these units. Here is why: With these units, which cost only a few hundred dollars each, you can keep track of automobiles, trucks and any other type of vehicle or large piece of equipment that is used inRead More

GPS Tracking And Logistics Companies, A Happy Marriage

By Greg Bartlett In a recessive economy more and more companies turn to lean manufacturing processes. Many of these lean processes require that an absolute minimum of either raw materials or product be kept on hand in warehouses. The timing of deliveries and pickups is critical to the profitable operation of the company. To ensure this GPS tracking and logistics go hand in hand. GPS technology can be installed in the trucks that deliver the raw materials to the factory. Should the amount of raw materials on hand reach a minimum level, the utilization of GPS technology ensures that theRead More