Do You Know Where Your Parents Are?

Using GPS tracking to monitor the activities of children or teenagers is a common topic these days, but this same technology is useful for ensuring the safety of aging adults as well.  Keeping tabs on the location of older adults is one way to allow them to maintain their independence while still having help readily available if it is needed. The Dilemma No longer is the image of senior citizens one of grandmas content to sit in a rocking chair or grandfathers playing checkers by the fire. Individuals are living longer and staying healthier, and thus they want to stayRead More

GPS for Dementia Sufferers: Genius or Barbaric?

Would outfitting dementia sufferers with GPS tracking devices demean and stigmatize them, equating them with criminals? Or would the practice actually prove to be a brilliant method of keeping track of specialty cases, assisting family members and police in location missing dementia sufferers? GPS tracking devices have long been utilized in law enforcement work, whether for tracing missing persons or for keeping surveillance over tagged criminals. These devices have been helpful in assisting police and investigators in keeping tabs on criminals likely to flee before trial, violate curfew, or cross location restrictions. The GPS device itself is placed within anRead More

Wandering-Prone Population Tracked With GPS Technology In U.K.

In Surrey County, loved ones and care takers of people with dementia, learning disabilities or other issues that cause wandering and confusion can rest a little easier. People with a tendency to get confused and wander off are given a pocket-sized GPS tracking device to carry with them at all times. These devices are provided for the safety of those who tend to get lost and can’t find their way back home. People with learning disabilities or diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s are especially vulnerable members of society. They usually are limited in their ability to care for themselves andRead More

UK: Debate Rages On Over GPS Monitoring Of Dementia Sufferers

It seems simple, and to those with afflicted loved ones, necessary: GPS tracking of people suffering from dementia. Increasing areas in the UK rely on GPS devices given to those with dementia, often by the authorities, in order to ensure they can be found if they happen to get lost or become confused. In Sussex, a controversy is brewing after news broke the Sussex police force is now the first force in the UK that will foot the bill for GPS tracking devices for those people suffering from dementia. But what is the harm in the devices, a step upRead More

Finding Lost Patients with GPS

Getting lost is never fun. But it’s even worse when loved ones do not know your location. Such events happen often in the lives of patients with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, or other medical conditions affecting memory and awareness of surroundings. In order to prevent this problem, several groups have begun to employ GPS tracking devices to keep track of loved ones who get confused and wander off at times. Wear it Well In order to track a person, the GPS device must first be carried on or near the person’s body. While smartphones and tablets fill that order easily, thoseRead More

Dementia Sufferers to Be GPS Tracked

Sussex, United Kingdom, is taking on a new use for GPS tracking–monitoring of individuals who are suffering from dementia. Supporters and opponents of the idea have expressed strong opinions as to its legality and humaneness. GPS Tracking of Dementia Patients Sussex law enforcement is behind the use of GPS tracking to monitor those with dementia. They claim that using such technology can cut costs and search time when elderly individuals disappear. Police hope that by tracking dementia patients the need for manpower will be reduced and the ease and speed of finding them will increase. Patients can be fitted withRead More

UK: Study Relies on GPS Device to Track Dementia Patients

It doesn’t matter where you live: dementia and Alzheimer’s is a global issue. It’s tough watching the one you love being overcome by such a horrible disease, where they don’t know who you are, and forget what they are doing so frequently. It can be quite dangerous, with cases in every country of wandering dementia patients.   If you rely on GPS technology, you can rest easier knowing your loved ones can easily be located. In Surrey, England, a GPS tracking watch is being tested to locate dementia patients for concerned caregivers or family members. The data gathered by theRead More

Dementia Sufferers Gain Independence through GPS

It may sound cute to some people who hear of pet owners purchasing GPS tracking units for their cat or canine. It may seem practical to learn of bicycle and vehicle owners attaching GPS trackers to their bikes or cars to help prevent or react effectively against theft. But it would appear now that there are some who feel that we may be taking the usage of GPS tracking too far when we place it with the elderly among us when they go out for walks.   Many who have heard of the recent development of GPS tracking devices forRead More

New Research Studies Use of GPS Tracking of Those With Dementia

Confused individuals easily wander from home and get lost, but GPS tracking of those with dementia may be a way to help find them more quickly. A recent study in Norway examined the possibilities available to patients and caregivers through this technology.   The Problem Later in life, a significant number of individuals experience some degree of dementia. This confusion can cause a person to forget where they are or how to return home. Incidents of wandering or fear of such occurrences are a significant stressor for caregivers and frequently result in the placement of such patients in extended careRead More

Alzheimer’s Patients in Korea to be Tracked With GPS Device


Anyone with an Alzheimer’s-afflicted loved one knows how stressful the situation can be, especially worrying about them becoming lost. We’ve discussed here at RMT how GPS tracking of those with Alzheimer’s can restore some peace of mind to the families involved, and it appears Korea is following suit.   The Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare is weighing the option to implement a GPS tracking system to help locate those afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease in the event they wander and get lost. The ministry said they plan to affix the device to a belt or necklace with the goal ofRead More