Popularity of GPS Tracking Stimulates Innovations

by Greg Bartlett As technology continues to advance, GPS tracking devices continue to improve and evolve. Systems that were once somewhat bulky are now a very small and manageable size. And they continue to shrink, but at the same time, their applications and power continue to expand. What changes have taken place lately in GPS tracking systems? GPS tracking units are continually getting smaller. More powerful, yet smaller, batteries are also being used in tracking devices. Advanced, powerful batteries can send more frequent signals for longer periods of time. This is very important to many consumers, because it eliminates theRead More

Homeless Sex Offender Caught by GPS Tracking Bracelet

By Greg Bartlett When 13 year old Alycia Nipp decided to cut through a vacant field as a shortcut on her way home from Wal Mart one evening, she had no way of knowing that one of the transients who frequented the area was a registered sex offender who had no home and who would be her killer. The suspect in the case, Darrin Sanford had been convicted previously of rape and served time in prison. Upon his release, on parole, he was fitted with a GPS tracking bracelet to allow his parole officer to monitor his movements. According toRead More

Forget the Book, Busted by the Little Black Cell phone

By Greg Bartlett This is a cautionary tale for those people who may want to dabble outside of their relationships. Did you know that many new cell phones are equipped with GPS tracking devices? If you are thinking of becoming a cheater you probably hope that your significant other remains blissfully unaware of these intentions. You no longer have to worry about stray numbers scrawled on napkins or the calls placed on your cell phone, just carrying your cell phone can give you away.

GPS Locator for Heavy Equipment Operators

By Greg Bartlett Heavy equipment represents a sizable investment for the heavy equipment operator. Due to the size of the equipment, it cannot be easily removed from the construction site on a daily basis. Road construction equipment, graders, scrapers and bulldozers are often targets of theft. The loss of this equipment represents a financial loss for the owner as well as delays in construction when replacement equipment is not readily available. GPS tracking systems are well equipped to fight this epidemic. Heavy construction equipment is often stolen and then shipped overseas where it is sold as used equipment. The equipmentRead More

GPS Tracking Devices Can Help You Remember Where Your Photographs Were Taken

By Greg Bartlett Have you taken your holiday pictures? Can you remember exactly where you were when that photo was taken? You can? What about the next one? Looks quite similar doesn’t it? The headache of trying to remember the exact location of a holiday snap is amplified many times if you have to take photos for a living. Travel photography can be a stop-start affair because extensive notes need to be taken about where the pictures have been taken. GPS tracking can simplify the issues. GPS tracking systems are very good at providing accurate information about location. They receiveRead More

GPS Wildlife Tracking

By Harriette Halepis When most of us think about GPS tracking uses, we tend to think of personal ways to use this technology. Uses such as teen tracking, shipment tracking, elderly tracking, and domestic animal tracking may come to mind. Aside from these very practical uses, GPS tracking can be used to record, track, and understand the wildlife that surrounds us. Biologists, researchers, and scientists use GPS tracking devices in order to follow certain animals in their natural habitats. Thanks to GPS technology, it is now possible to understand and observe various animal habits and patterns. Studying wild animals inRead More

GPS Tracking Helps in Arctic Wolf Surveys

By Greg Bartlett Arctic wolves are a mysterious bunch to say the least. Where do they go? How much area do they cover? Are they always alone? Or do they congregate into clans or families? Traditionally this research involved long cold hours of observation. Hard to find and hard to see, the data was scant and incomplete. Conflicting reports were published about exactly what happens to the wolves because it was impossible to know with any empirical certainty exactly what they do. The help of GPS tracking can be used to find out exactly what happens to these creatures. OnceRead More

GPS Tracking – How Technology Saved My Father’s Life

A True Account of Life Saving Technology By Greg Bartlett I am an avid hunter. Every year, my father and I go out to the woods to try and bag a couple nice deer. The problem I always had was that although I love being outside, I can’t read a map. To compensate for that, I purchased a GPS tracking device two years ago. Using it with the maps has really helped me to get to the good deer runs in our area. If I hadn’t had my GPS, I know that my father wouldn’t be alive today. Last fall,Read More