From the Great to the Small, GPS Tracks Them All

We live in an age of grand technology, don’t we? We have flying machines and diving vehicles. With the internet, we can exchange information around the globe with lightning speed. We have satellites in orbit around our planet serving dozens of purposes, from weather prediction and observation, to GPS tracking and navigation, to military communications.   There are some other, still remarkable, technologies which work closer to home; we have touch-screen computers and mobile phones, incredibly vast quantities of digital storage and memory space available to us, and even GPS tracking capabilities for our automobiles and… our pets? Yes, indeed;Read More

GPS in the Hunt

Hunting Dogs

Where the Red Fern Grows is the compelling story of a young boy and the close relationship he has with his coon dogs. Though a work of fiction, the book demonstrates the reality of the emotional bond between man and dog. Now GPS technology is allowing man to better care for his best friend, especially in the world of hunting. Tracking the Hunt In less than 3 minutes, a hunting dog can be 1,000 yards away from its master, quickly out of sight and out of earshot. With a GPS enabled transmitting collar, hunting dogs can now be tracked byRead More

Houdini Found — Thanks to Loc8tor Pet Tracker

He may be a stellar escape artist, but Houdini (no, not the magician, but rather a dog) is finding it more difficult to disappear thanks to the Loc8tor GPS tracking device. Houdini was placed in a foster home by Utah’s Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, and as he was known for his escape act, was fitted with a Loc8tor device.  Although every effort was made to keep him inside, he still found a way to break free by shoving an air conditioner out a window. Using the Loc8tor, the sanctuary’s adoption manager Kristi Littrell was able to pinpoint the location ofRead More

Lose Spot No More with the Tagg Pet Tracker

For $199.99, you can guarantee your pet is safe with the Tagg Pet Tracker, which puts to use Verizon’s  wireless network. This GPS tracking device consists of a tag for their collar and docking station, and is designed only for pets over 10 pounds.  Simply place the tag on their collar, and begin receiving alerts via email or SMS whenever your pet wanders outside of its specified area.  Press a button to temporarily disable the alerts if you happen to take your pet for walks.   The cost of the device includes a year of service, and if you haveRead More

GPS Finds Lost Dogs

For many American families, a dog is not merely a pet – he is a member of the family. And like any other relative, the dog’s whereabouts are important to the daily functioning of the family. If he goes missing, the family searches him out with the same vigor that they would a missing child. Thankfully, GPS Tracking can now make this process significantly simpler and much less heartbreaking. The Missing Dog Scenario Typically, when a dog goes missing, his family spends countless hours wandering around the neighborhood looking for him. They call his name. They ask the neighbors ifRead More