Make Every Hour in the Day Count

Have you ever been responsible for picking up relatives at the airport or bus station?  You carefully planned your schedule around the airplane or bus scheduled arrival time. Maybe you even got off work early or missed lunch in order to be ready at the airport or station, only to find when you arrived that things had been delayed and your passenger wouldn’t arrive for another forty-five minutes. You know the frustration that scenarios like this can cause and the kink it can cause in a carefully planned schedule. Bus drivers, understand this because bus companies have begun to useRead More

GPS Trackers: Peace of Mind and Independence Combined

By Greg Bartlett If you were to ask the average child or young teenager what he or she wants the most from their parents, it might surprise you to find out that what he or she truly wants is independence and trust. However, a teenager’s desire for independence will make parents proud to see their children growing up, but it also produces a nagging fear in the parent’s hearts that comes from not knowing where their kids are at every moment. There is a way to keep tabs on your kids even when they are out of your sight.  GPSRead More

Should Parents Be Required To Track Their Teens?

Understanding the driving habits of your teen is the easiest way to uncovering whether or not they are a bad driver. With automobile accidents being the primary cause of premature death among teenagers, accessing the driving habits of teen drivers has never been more important. However, with many teens not expressing the ritual of their daily lives and reducing communication with parents, how can parents learn the driving habits of a teen? GPS tracking system technology is providing the answer. One of the major problems among teen drivers is speeding, but knowing whether or not your teen is a habitualRead More

Distracted Driving Incident Carries Conviction

by James Neely, freelance writer One of the most serious of offenses that can have deadly consequences is called distracted driving.  This occurs when the driver is distracted by, among other things, cell phone conversations or texting, adjusting vehicle controls, moving seat positions or even things like personal hygiene. Such was the case when a Waukegan, Illinios woman was found guilty of striking and killing a motorcycle driver while she was painting her nails while driving.  While this was a strange case, it does underscore the need for attention to distracted driving and the consequences thereof. Distracted driving occurs whenRead More

Speed Cameras Shut Down in Arizona

The pendulum has swung the other way in what critics are hailing as a good move in the state of Arizona.  Speed cameras that were designed to take pictures of license plates of speeding cars are being turned off for good. If you were a driver on the freeways around Phoenix, you could have found a speeding ticket in your mailbox if you were travelling at 11 mph above the posted limit.  This system was operated by a private company under the watch of the Arizona Department of Public Safety. In all this affects over 70 cameras along with vansRead More

GPS Tracking allows Cars to Drive Themselves?

by James Neely, freelance writer: click | HERE | to check out GPS products from Rocky Mountain Tracking Imagine being able to get into your vehicle, start it up, input your destination then sit back and enjoy the ride as you are whisked along without any input in the process.  It’s a pipe dream, right?  From a current reality standpoint, yes, it is impossible, however Audi has a different opinion. They have developed a vehicle that drives itself with no input from the occupant.  Notice the word ‘driver’ was not used.  How did they do this and what does itRead More

Distracted Drivers – How GPS Tracking Solves the Problem

by James Neely, freelance writer: click | HERE | to check out GPS products from Rocky Mountain Tracking There’s a lot of talk about distracted drivers on our streets and roadways and, for good reason because the amount of distractions has increased.  Consider that not too many years ago, the vehicle controls and the radio used to be the only major distractions to the driver.  Now, add cell phones, GPS Navigation units, entertainment systems and the myriad of other electronic aids built into vehicles and you have a recipe for disaster. Distracted driving is quick becoming a major cause ofRead More

Business Uses for GPS Vehicle Tracking

By Greg Bartlett Fleet vehicle theft can provide huge payoffs for the criminals who make it their business. When tractor trailers and their contents are stolen, it’s difficult for police to recover them, and traditionally the rate of returned vehicles has been low. That is, until the advent of GPS vehicle tracking. Fleet vehicles that have been equipped with GPS tracking devices can be monitored from a company computer and their whereabouts determined at any time. That means that as soon as a theft occurs, police have access to data that will show them the exact location of the missingRead More

Driver Safety and GPS Tracking

by James Neely, freelance writer: click | HERE | to check out GPS products from Rocky Mountain Tracking Fleet operations have the unenviable task of monitoring their drivers as they travel their daily routes.  It is a necessary part of the operation to help insure that their drivers are using safe and responsible activities.  A huge burden of liability rests on the companies who have many company-owned vehicles moving along the streets of most major cities and towns. More of these businesses have turn to GPS Tracking systems to augment their driver safety policies.  Here is how properly outfitted devicesRead More

GPS Tracking Makes the Roads Safer

By Greg Bartlett Conscientious drivers in every location detest tailgaters. The problem is compounded when the tailgater drives a company vehicle that’s bigger than your car and when he uses his vehicle’s size to intimidate other vehicles and disregard traffic etiquette. “How’s my Driving?” stickers do little to curb the reckless driving behavior of many truck and van drivers and callers often end up frustrated when their calls seem to make little difference in driving habits on the road. New GPS tracker technology, however, allows companies to keep a closer eye on vehicle operators and gives them the information theyRead More