GPS Tracking to Monitor and Economize Animal Shelters

More and more animal shelters across the United States are turning to GPS to cut costs and monitor their animal control officers’ efficiency and behavior while on the job. Or at least they should. Take the case (an extreme one) of Demetria Hogan in Memphis, Tennessee. She was out on a call to pick up two pit bulls and bring them back to the Memphis Animal Shelter. Demetria was supposed to have followed proper procedure for such cases, which includes recording the capture of the dogs from the site into her logbook and into the animal shelter upon arrival. JustRead More

Make Every Hour in the Day Count

Have you ever been responsible for picking up relatives at the airport or bus station?  You carefully planned your schedule around the airplane or bus scheduled arrival time. Maybe you even got off work early or missed lunch in order to be ready at the airport or station, only to find when you arrived that things had been delayed and your passenger wouldn’t arrive for another forty-five minutes. You know the frustration that scenarios like this can cause and the kink it can cause in a carefully planned schedule. Bus drivers, understand this because bus companies have begun to useRead More

Supply Chain Managers Embrace GPS Tracking

The business activity known as global supply chain management has at its core the managing and monitoring of goods and products as they move through the manufacturing process to the end customer. This business activity is being integrated with real-time ERP processes more and more.  What this means is that Enterprise Resource Planning at the business is chopping the processes down into small parts so that it can be monitored at more places along the line.  This system of checks helps in many ways. Quality First, and maybe foremost is quality.  Not only can the manufacturing process be watched closer,Read More

Popularity of GPS Tracking Stimulates Innovations

by Greg Bartlett As technology continues to advance, GPS tracking devices continue to improve and evolve. Systems that were once somewhat bulky are now a very small and manageable size. And they continue to shrink, but at the same time, their applications and power continue to expand. What changes have taken place lately in GPS tracking systems? GPS tracking units are continually getting smaller. More powerful, yet smaller, batteries are also being used in tracking devices. Advanced, powerful batteries can send more frequent signals for longer periods of time. This is very important to many consumers, because it eliminates theRead More

GPS Tracking Reduces Prison Overcrowding While Saving Money

The State of Indiana is grappling with a prison problem – overcrowding.  The statistics bear out that because of a lack of attention to an aging criminal code and sentencing guidelines, little has changed to bring alternatives to bear in communities state-wide. The result is a system that is too rigid in sentencing guidelines which stacks the states’ prisons with those who really would be better off out of those institutions. Most other states have recognized the enormous cost that is associated with incarcerating convicts on a wholesale basis.  These states have begun to implement better, and more focused optionsRead More

Smart Business Owners Embrace GPS and Increase Profits

When difficult economic times hit, most businesses that were hanging on by a thread folded.  The ones that remain have learned how to cope by making significant changes in their operations.  Is there more than can be done?  Certainly, there is always room for improvement. Now that businesses have taken every conceivable action to stay in business, attention turns to the little things.  Taken together, these can help keep the wheels turning for a long period of time. Avoid Hiring Payroll is the biggest expense for most businesses.  The need to bring another person on must be weighed against theRead More

Precise GPS Tracking Increases Farming Profits

GPS Tracking for the farming industry has been around for years now, but what is new is that the technology is improving so that its benefits are stronger than ever.  When it first hit the market, GPS Tracking was thought to be a fad by some in the agriculture industry.  It took a while for farmers to understand the end goal of such new technology because crop farming had remained unchanged for decades.  Sure, advances in seed science were making an impact, but nothing on the technique for planting was available. Soon, farmers began to see the fruits of theRead More

The Business Cost Saver – GPS Tracking Devices

We may as well get used to being tracked as employees.  It is happening more often than we realize and is getting more attention in the news.  In fact, you are vulnerable if you wear a simple badge that unlocks a door for you when you pass in and out of your work place on a daily basis.  These systems are already tracking your presence in the buildings.  And, even some systems are going further than that in that they have the ability to track the badge in real-time as you move throughout the facilities.  That includes the restrooms. GPSRead More

GPS Devices Get Smaller – Providing Better Protection

Nanotechnology notwithstanding, many electronic devices are getting so small that it is almost unbelievable.  Consider the cell phone, the watch, and even GPS Tracking devices. The need for a small footprint in a tracking device is driven by several factors. First the smaller size allows one to better conceal a device.  This is important in tracking things and even people. Some GPS tracking devices are sewn into clothing for children which provides parents a better method for keeping track on their location. Some of these are hidden in product that is being shipped for the purpose of being able toRead More

Smart Golf Course Managers use GPS Tracking

By James Neely (re-posted from April 2009) The water hazards on a golf course are no place in which your expensive golf carts should be found, but it does happen. Being prepared to handle these unfortunate events is a fact of life in golf course management. But it should be minimized by encouraging responsible behavior. This can be accomplished by installing a GPS Tracking system into these vehicles and other golf course equipment like mowers and tractors. In the operation of a golf course, one of the most expensive items is the equipment that it takes to provide transportation between holesRead More