Keep Elderly Loved Ones Safe on the Road with GPS Tracking

Summer heat and winter chill can both pose serious threats for older people, especially when they’re travelling. In the event of a breakdown, a missed turn, or a misinterpretation of directions, elderly people may have difficulty getting help. GPS tracking can help provide peace of mind for family members by giving them a way to ensure their loved ones’ safety while at the same time maintaining the independence of elderly parents, grandparents, or relatives. GPS tracking devices allow family members to keep an eye on the location of their elderly loved ones when they’re out on the road. Some modelsRead More

UK: Study Relies on GPS Device to Track Dementia Patients

It doesn’t matter where you live: dementia and Alzheimer’s is a global issue. It’s tough watching the one you love being overcome by such a horrible disease, where they don’t know who you are, and forget what they are doing so frequently. It can be quite dangerous, with cases in every country of wandering dementia patients.   If you rely on GPS technology, you can rest easier knowing your loved ones can easily be located. In Surrey, England, a GPS tracking watch is being tested to locate dementia patients for concerned caregivers or family members. The data gathered by theRead More

New Research Studies Use of GPS Tracking of Those With Dementia

Confused individuals easily wander from home and get lost, but GPS tracking of those with dementia may be a way to help find them more quickly. A recent study in Norway examined the possibilities available to patients and caregivers through this technology.   The Problem Later in life, a significant number of individuals experience some degree of dementia. This confusion can cause a person to forget where they are or how to return home. Incidents of wandering or fear of such occurrences are a significant stressor for caregivers and frequently result in the placement of such patients in extended careRead More

MobileHelp Chooses u-blox GPS for Its Medical Alert System


Swiss positioning and wireless chip and module company u-blox was selected by MobileHelp, American company offering M-PERS (Mobile-Personal Emergency Response System) technology, to provide GPS and embedded 2G/3G wireless in their devices. The system will rely on u-blox’ LISA 2G/3G wireless modem and MAX GPS module contained in a small, portable alert device that works whether you are out running errands or at home.   “As the population ages, more and more people are choosing to remain independent for as long as possible,” said President of MobileHelp Robert Flippo. “With the help of u-blox’ reliable, low-power positioning and wireless technologies,Read More

Queensland Study Shows Elderly Population Driving Farther And More Frequently Than Thought

The Queensland community is hard at work trying to make transportation safer and more comfortable for the elderly population. The Queensland University of Technology (QUT) studied 49 citizens between the ages of 57 and 93 in Brisbane, Roma, and Toowoomba. The QUT research team attached GPS tracking devices to the 49 subjects and monitored their movement. The study found that older citizens were driving further distances and much more frequently than anyone thought. The findings were published in the Community Livability Guide, developed by the QUT, the Council of the Ageing Queensland and Gold Coast City Council, and the DepartmentRead More

Breadcrumb GPS Tracking Designed for Alzheimer’s Patients and Caretakers


GPS tracking technology has revolutionized several industries by allowing users to remotely track the location of valuable property. Missing smartphones and vehicles can be tracked from anywhere with internet access. Remote species of birds and solitary wildlife can be studied from a safe, unimposing distance. One of the more recent uses for GPS tracking has been developed for the wandering elderly population suffering from degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Dementia. The technology has already been used to track autistic children, who are also at high risk of wandering off and getting lost. There are few things more stressful for caregivers,Read More

Helping the Elderly with GPS Tracking

Monitoring Seniors with Memory-Retention Problems It has long been known that senior citizens are high-risk drivers. Many of the elderly that are sometimes involved in car accidents suffer from mental incapacities such as Alzheimer’s and dementia, causing delays in motor skills that may lead to danger on the roadways. Sometimes it can be quite apparent that a senior has one of these conditions, and sometimes it is not. Wouldn’t it be of great value to know if a senior citizen in your family was capable of still operating their own motor vehicle safely and independently? Wouldn’t you want the assuranceRead More

GPS Tracking Devices Used for Alzheimer Patients

By Greg Bartlett With 26.6 million people diagnosed with Alzheimers, far too many families understand the risk and concerns that go along with caring for a victim of this disease. Alzheimer patients will often wander away from their family and/or caretakers without giving any information about where they went. Since the invention of GPS tracking, it has been used in several ways. Police can track criminals on parole, parents can track their young teenage drivers, and suspicious spouses can monitor their possibly unfaithful mate. Recently, several states have discussed widening its uses and implementing GPS devices into their Silver AlertRead More

Elderly Drivers Need GPS Tracking

by James Neely, freelance writer: click | HERE | to check out GPS products from Rocky Mountain Tracking We have heard a lot of talk about the good that GPS Tracking devices can do for those with Alzheimer’s and related dementia disorders.  But, what about those who are not quite to the point of having been fully diagnosed?  Should they be left out of consideration? Consider the following story out of the Cincinnati, Ohio area to reinforce this point.  In this account, an elderly couple became lost on their way to a local store and ended up almost two hoursRead More

GPS Tracking and Feeding the Hungry

By Greg Bartlett With Thanksgiving passed and the rest of the holidays still to come, many are grateful for the opportunity to spend time with family and friends, enjoying fellowship, fun, and food. Unfortunately, a great number of Americans this season will be forced to seek their meals from food banks, churches, and shelters. Efforts by these charities to reach out to those in need are plentiful, yet inefficiency and disorganization can quickly become an issue in churches trying to provide for so many hungry people. Getting food out to where it’s needed most is a managerial nightmare without theRead More