New Zealand Wants GPS Data For Emergency Calls

A man was struck and killed by a van after calling 111 (New Zealand’s equivalent of 911 in the U.S.) for help. He reportedly was walking home from a party after a fight with his girlfriend. Toxicology reports showed his alcohol level was twice the legal limit when he was jumping in and out of traffic, apparently trying to get a ride home. When the 111 dispatcher received the call from the man at 1:28am, informing them that he was stepping out in front of cars, they were unable to ascertain his location before the call was ended. The operatorRead More

GPS Tracking for First Responders

GPS tracking devices being installed on city-owned vehicles all around the world have a strong potential of significantly improving the aid that those involved in vehicle accidents desperately need. Just recently the CITOM (Cebu City Traffic Operations Management) used a portion of its technical grant money to equip a portion of their fleet with GPS tracking for the purpose of improving the ability of first responders, While city officials acknowledge many other benefits are also a part of this movement toward expanding GPS tracking devices (monitoring of spending, increasing employee responsibility, etc.), the possibilities of significant improvement to the abilityRead More

GPS Technology Closes Emergency Gaps

NYC Ambulance GPS

Rising premiums, annual evaluations, and insurance ultimatums: good things or bad? The answer to that question could depend on motivating factors and results. Although additional scrutiny from insurance companies usually brings an element of dread, serious gaps in safety and emergency procedures are often revealed. GPS technology seems to be motivating insurance companies to reveal such gaps for homeowners. While increased premiums are never pleasant, the threat of them may motivate some significant steps toward closing the gaps that can often turn emergencies into devastating tragedies.   Identify Risks Evaluations using GPS technology can easily identify residential areas that areRead More

2-Way Pendant Takes Senior Safety to the Next Level

Families all over the U.S. breathe more easily since the invention of easy-to-use emergency alert tools. From smartphones to GPS devices, and home alarm systems, technology is improving the speed with which emergencies can be addressed. These safety items feature long lasting batteries and the ability to broadcast an alert signal to a service center, which then relays the emergency to local responders. They usually come in the form of a pendant, which a senior living alone can place around his or her neck so that it is always within reach.   A new product is taking this safety toolRead More

Calling All First Responders


One of the biggest challenges facing first responders and other emergency personnel is to determine the location of each other during times of crisis. Advancements have been made in modern GPS tracking technology to assist in this problem. One of the most recent developments couples GPS tracking technology with Blackberry’s PIN to PIN system to allow team members to locate each other by using their Blackberry. This new app, MPACIRT, will help communication among team members, and it will improve the effectiveness of their efforts to save lives.   Ease of Use With this app, first responders will be ableRead More

Fighting Fire with GPS Tech


This is no house fire: nearly 22,000 acres of land were on fire near Newberry, Michigan this past month, charring homes and spewing smoke across the countryside. When a fire grows this large, aircraft are some of the best tools available to facilitate control. Now, GPS devices and satellites are helping to perform tasks once completed through specialized satellites. Monitoring forest fires requires extreme accuracy in order to maintain safety on an incredibly large scale. Thankfully, GPS technology is starting to make that task a little bit easier. A Damaging Wildfire A bolt of lightning sparked the flame that becameRead More

GPS in Partnership with 911

iPhones Help Police

“This is 911. Please state your emergency.” Familiar words to every American, but if you have ever actually had to make a call to 911, you know the urgency of wanting responders to get to you as soon as possible. GPS technology, based on actual satellite longitude and latitude coordinates, has made getting emergency vehicles to a scene easier and more efficient. However, that GPS data must be linked to 911 address records. In Wilkes County, North Carolina, commissioners agreed in 2009 to implement a GPS-based 911 addressing system, such as was made the universal standard in 1995, throughout itsRead More

Emergency Staff in Rhode Island Uses GPS to Save Woman

GPS technology in Rhode Island moved beyond sheer novelty and saved a life this past week when emergency staff used GPS technology to save a lost woman. The woman, from Tiverton, Rhode Island, was lost in the middle of swampland. According to Little Compton Police Chief Sidney Wordell, the woman, 42, was “on the verge of not being able to survive.” She called 911 (although she does not remember this), and the GPS chip embedded in her cell phone told emergency services exactly where she was. One of the 911 communicators working that night passed on her coordinates to firstRead More

GPS Tracker Saves Lives in Hospitals

By Greg Bartlett Many hospitals in America have become sprawling complexes full of medical professionals, patients, and transportable equipment. With this sprawl, it can be difficult to keep track of the locations of all patients, movable equipment, and personnel. Even with careful records, patients could be moved to the wrong room, or worse, leaving medical personnel wondering where they went, and spending tremendous amounts of time looking for the people they are supposed to care for. No patient ever has to be lost in the hospital again, thanks to GPS tracker technology. Summerville Medical Center in Summerville, South Carolina recentlyRead More

GPS Systems Aid Rescue/Recovery Efforts in Haiti

By DONNA SANTI / guest columnist —————————————————————————————————————————————– –          Donna Santi is a creative writer for LandAirSea Systems, a Woodstock, IL-based manufacturer and distributor of expertly-engineered GPS tracking systems, software and accessories. For information about LandAirSea, visit To contact the writer, email As the tolls of dead and injured from the Jan. 12, 2010 earthquake in Haiti keep rising, aid workers are organizing in the impoverished Caribbean nation for the grim task of recovering bodies from the rubble. A representative from the American Red Cross who arrived at Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti near the epicenter, said the disasterRead More