Clark County Employees Monitored with GPS to Cut Costs

Employee Theft

With the cost of GPS tracking devices becoming more and more affordable, more businesses and organizations are finding uses for the technology. GPS fleet tracking, for example, is nothing new, but an increasing amount of employers are finding uses for GPS tracking technology that justify the cost. Clark County, Washington, has begun tracking county employees in order to provide better service, ensure employee safety, and cut fuel and claims costs.   With budgets all around the world tightening, some argue that GPS tracking devices might be too costly. Currently, it costs the county between $300 and $425 for hardware andRead More

Employers: Use Caution When Implementing Employee Tracking

GPS Tracking Lawyer

Increasingly, employers are turning to GPS tracking to monitor employees and their use of vehicles within the company’s fleet. If you own your own fleet, have had the misfortune of suspecting an employee of vehicle or time misuse, and are entertaining the thought of installing a GPS tracking device on each of your vehicles, you must proceed with caution and follow some simple rules to ensure  you are conducting the GPS surveillance legally.   An attorney with Fisher & Phillips, Bradford LeHew, feels that two recent cases speak to the issue of privacy best: US v. Jones and Cunningham v.Read More

GPS Tracking Reveals Bad Behavior of Charlotte County Employees

Dishonest Liar

Last year, Charlotte County launched an investigation into exactly how accurate their employee’s self-reporting was with disturbing results. The investigation was in response to a county employee’s arrest in June of 2011. Stephen Archer, a mosquito sprayer for the county was pulled over in Sarasota County, more than 45 miles from Charlotte, for speeding in his employer’s vehicle. The officers found two opened beer bottles in the bed of the truck. The county-owned truck was impounded and Archer was arrested for drunk driving. Although he quit before he could be fired for the incident, the employee’s behavior was enough toRead More

Texas Based GPS Company Helps Employers Track What Matters


Track What Matters, a Texas provider of GPS tracking devices has announced that Top to Bottom Services, out of Maryland, uses their trackers to keep an eye on their employees.The devices are designed specifically for vehicles in the United States, Mexico, Africa, Canada, the Middle East, and parts of Asia. Top to Bottom Services  deals with real estate home inspections, cleaning of upholstery and carpets, and real estate sign installations to name a few. How, exactly, can these GPS tracking devices benefit a real estate company? The GPS device enables the company to monitor employees out in the field, seeingRead More

GPS Provides a Smart Way to Track Labor Force


GPS technology helps employers track their labor force in today’s global business world. Companies today hire people from all around America and the world. Some work from an office, but many don’t. You’ve seen people at the airport work while drinking coffee, waiting for their airplane – maybe you’ve done that once or twice? Contractors work from everywhere. And what about drivers or sales persons? But what’s the best way to keep track of their hours? And even better, where they are while they’re working? GPS is the Answer No doubt—GPS is the answer. Some companies have invested in hardware,Read More