GPS Monitoring in the Workplace: Balancing Employee Privacy and Employer Concerns

By Greg Bartlett Everywhere you go, it seems like someone is watching. Whether it is other people, security cameras, or tracking devices, very often people are being monitored. This is especially true in the workplace. Employers of trucking industries and those who drive corporate fleets seek to increase efficiency, productivity, and accountability by monitoring their drivers. GPS monitoring of employees has become increasing popular in recent years. Employers, concerned about their company resources, seek to find a way to monitor their employees in order to increase efficiency and save costs. With GPS devices, they can now see if employees areRead More

A GPS Fleet Tracking System Helps Run Your Business Efficiently

By James Neely Ever feel like you are going in multiple directions at the same time in your business? Wonder what it would be like to actually be able to sit back and watch your operations function without you having to constantly be there to ‘baby sit?’ If you have significant capital invested in assets you can with a GPS Tracking system which is installed in your equipment. You do not have to be a fancy operation or have lots of money to be able to afford these systems. Units start at just a few hundred dollars and will beRead More

GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems Monitor Employees

By Greg Bartlett Tempted to stop for Starbucks? Knowing that one of the many new GPS tracking systems is recording your movements causes you to think twice about it and decide to just go on with the delivery. Whether in their cell phone or their vehicle, many companies are deciding to track the movements of their employees to ensure that they stay on schedule and keep working. Knowing that they have a system checking up on them will help workers to stay motivated and keep them focused on their work during work hours. Employees often waste time as soon asRead More

GPS Tracking and Employee Theft

By James Neely Recently a business owner caught an employee stealing from him, by using a camera that was made for hunting. This underscores the importance of doing what you can in order to maintain control over your business assets and keeping a watchful eye out for problems. Technological advances have improved the opportunities to catch thieves and retain asset control. But, what about those items in your inventory which cannot be tracked with a video camera? Or how about the times that an employee is charged with the responsibility of using a company vehicle? Do you feel totally safeRead More

Using GPS Tracking To Provide A City With Benefits Enjoyed By Business Fleets

By Greg Bartlett GPS vehicle tracking has been used by businesses to track their fleets of company owned vehicles and produce data used to save a great deal of money. Savings on fuel from limiting idling times, routing for the most efficient trip, whether shortest or not, and being able to reroute the closest driver to a project have all been done to improve fuel economy in business fleets. The city of Augusta, Georgia is now equipping 150 city owned vehicles with GPS vehicle tracking systems. The city’s fleet manager says that the city is investing $45,000 in equipment andRead More

GPS is Much More than Navigation

By Greg Bartlett Almost everyone is familiar with the onboard GPS navigation systems being marketed for vehicles. These systems are able to provide drivers with real time turn by turn directions to get from point A to point B. What many people may not realize is that GPS has many other uses in a vehicle. GPS tracking is much more than simply navigation. GPS technology is now being used to protect cars and trucks. Devices are being installed in vehicles that can send out a signal retrievable by a computer with an active internet connection in the event of vehicleRead More

GPS Vehicle Tracking for Recreational Protection

By James Neely In the world of outdoor recreation, businesses need a method of managing their assets and monitoring usage. There is no better way of accomplishing this than to use a GPS Tracking system. The types of businesses that can benefit from GPS are endless: Golf Courses and Country Clubs. Management of golf carts can be made easy but in addition so too can the equipment that is used in the operations of a course: tractors, mowers, and anything else that has a motor. Boat Rentals. Want to know where your rental boat is located? Look it up onRead More

GPS Fleet Management: Let Your Requirements Decide the Type of Vehicle Tracking System You Need

Fleet management is the primary reason for installing a GPS system, but there are many added-value benefits. While you are tempted to utilize this modern technology for your fleet business, it is essential to evaluate your requirements and then choose the most appropriate system. Let’s make an effort to determine your requirements and find a solution accordingly. Size of Your Fleet There is no such thing as too few vehicles or too many vehicles to benefit from GPS. Whether you have one vehicle or one hundred thousand vehicles, everyone benefits. The number of vehicles in your fleet can help youRead More