A Watchful GPS Tracking Device Keeps Employees Sharp

You know how you immediately change your driving habits when you are being followed by a police car? You are so careful in making sure that each movement is within the law. This is also true when it comes to your work. Employees who are closely watched tend to work better and with more productivity than those who are not monitored. GPS Tracking works in the same manner. Verification of activities is one of the strongest reasons to obtain and implement a system. Location monitoring is the most valuable of benefits. When assets are outfitted with GPS Tracking devices, monitoringRead More

The Business Cost Saver – GPS Tracking Devices

We may as well get used to being tracked as employees.  It is happening more often than we realize and is getting more attention in the news.  In fact, you are vulnerable if you wear a simple badge that unlocks a door for you when you pass in and out of your work place on a daily basis.  These systems are already tracking your presence in the buildings.  And, even some systems are going further than that in that they have the ability to track the badge in real-time as you move throughout the facilities.  That includes the restrooms. GPSRead More

Dispatching and Tracking a Police Force

By Greg Bartlett Police departments can consist of just a few individuals up to thousands.  Keeping track of each vehicle in the police force and where each officer is in relation to an emergency site can be difficult for any department, but especially for the bigger ones.  Some police departments are turning to GPS fleet tracking to help monitor their vehicles and decrease response time. GPS fleet tracking is a good management tool which can help ensure that police officers are not misusing their vehicles, driving over the speed limit when not responding to a call, or claiming to beRead More

When Tracking Your Employees Makes Sense

By Harriette Halepis All across the nation, state departments have been toying with the idea of installing GPS trackers inside of state owned vehicles. In some states, these trackers have been implemented, and in all cases the trackers have been proven highly effective. State employers have learned that employees aren’t always “on the job” when they are “on the clock.” In addition, employees have begun using work time to, well, work (for fear of being caught not working). The same reasons for tracking state employees can easily apply to private employees. If you are one of the many people whoRead More

GPS Fleet Tracking and Business Uses

By Greg Bartlett Business owners whose services include types of delivery using company vehicles should consider a GPS fleet tracking system.  Whether you manage a pizza delivery business, a floral delivery business, or appliance delivery business, GPS fleet tracking devices can help you make sure you and your employees are making the most effective use of time and resources. Any business that requires employees to be out from under the direct supervision of a manager may consider such an investment to be worthwhile.   In most states, employee surveillance is considered to be illegal if the employee has not been informed,Read More

If Your Company Doesn’t Have GPS Tracking Yet; Odds Are You Want It

By DONNA SANTI / guest columnist —————————————————————————————————————————————– –          Donna Santi is a creative writer for LandAirSea Systems, a Woodstock, IL-based manufacturer and distributor of expertly-engineered GPS tracking systems, software and accessories. For information about LandAirSea, visit www.landairsea.com. To contact the writer, email donna.santi@landairsea.com Vehicle Tracking is finding great success in the business world. It might have even turned a corner, from being a benefit, to a necessity. Globally, there is about $2.5 billion spent on GPS receivers and software, and by 2013, that spending will jump to about $13 billion annually, according to ABI Research in London, a marketing andRead More

GPS Monitoring Does the Job

By Greg Bartlett When you came into work this morning, your first task – after getting coffee – was to find out where your drivers are.  You do that every morning, and every morning your assistant tells you the same thing.  These drivers checked in with their location, these forgot, and these said they were somewhere but based on their schedule, they should be somewhere else. For a company whose primary purpose consists of getting vehicles to different places, whether for delivering goods or people, knowing where each driver and vehicle is located is vitally important.  You need to knowRead More

Lowell, MA, Police Protest GPS Trackers

By Harriette Halepis WBZ Boston, Lowell, Massachusetts, January 29, 2010 – The state of Lowell, Massachusetts, recently proposed that all Lowell police cars be fitted with GPS trackers. Other states that have outfitted state-owned vehicles with GPS trackers have managed to increase productivity and emergency response time. However, the Lowell police force is not allowing the installation of GPS trackers without a fight. Due to planned protests, the annual awards ceremony that is usually held in the Lowell memorial Auditorium had to be cancelled.  Those who are a part of the Lowell force feel that the installation of GPS trackersRead More

4 Ways GPS Tracking Builds Your Business

by James Neely, freelance writer Creating an environment in which your business can succeed is very important.  That is especially true in the economic climate in which businesses are operating today.  Once you establish a baseline of activities that you must perform to help your business succeed, then you can add the tools that you need to make it happen. These tools include a fully integrated GPS Tracking system.  Here are four ways that it can help you build your business: Managing Growth You know what the most difficult part of managing your business is?  Growth.  Your day-to-day operations areRead More

Tracking Fire Trucks with GPS Tracking

By Harriette Halepis Just a few months ago, Haverhill, Massachusetts, Highway Superintendent James Flaherty (along with his son, Kevin) was charged with abusing his position. Flaherty was caught awarding city construction jobs to private companies that were, in fact, owned by the Flaherty family. In short, Flaherty was effectively stealing city funds. This scandal sparked a lot of debate within the city of Haverhill, and recently Mayor James Fiorentini decided to install GPS trackers on city fire trucks. This decision was spawned by the numerous citizens throughout the city who have reported seeing city fire trucks parked in odd placesRead More