Rugby Athletes Train with GPS

Though the term “Global Positioning Satellite” might not immediately bring to mind the strenuous and intense exercise regimen of professional athletes, some analysts are finding GPS tracking devices to be useful in their work to help athletes in their training. The sportsmen and women of England’s rugby sevens team lead the way in using GPS during training. These sportspersons are pushing themselves in highly innovative and creative ways while on the training field. From actigraphy watches to the aforementioned GPS tracking devices, England’s rugby sevens team is giving it all it’s got. The men’s and women’s sevens team members challengeRead More

GPS Error Trips Up Police

iPhones Help Police

We’ve grown to view GPS as almost perfectly reliable. After all, it tells us exactly where we are, how far we are from our destination, and what is in the area around us. It seems there is always a new report on further improvement to the technology, narrowing its accuracy and making it even more useful. As anyone with a home computer knows, however, it’s a mistake to take any electronic device for granted. Sometimes they simply don’t work, and many of those times there is no apparent reason for the error. When military and law enforcement units use GPS,Read More

Rugby Players Optimize Training using GPS Device

A typical Wednesday morning for the England Saxons, England’s rugby team, begins with a weigh-in and urine test to check hydration levels.  The team then eats breakfast while reading motivating words, studying key points for press conferences, and viewing the past couple of days’ training stats on the wall.  The stats are provided by GPS devices worn inside their shirts during workouts and practices. The GPS devices gather key information, such as heart rate, speed, and distance run.  Data is collected during training, and downloaded three hours later to be studied by coaches.  This allows the coaches to assist inRead More