GPS Unit Takes Center Stage in Michigan Murder Trial


A man charged with two murders will likely head to prison on the basis of a highly reliable witness’s testimony. But the witness isn’t a person; it’s a GPS unit that was mounted on his vehicle. According to the prosecution’s argument, the tracker clearly shows that the defendant was present at the location of the murders at the time that they occurred. The most that GPS readings can prove is the location of the murder suspect’s car during the time it was tracked. As the prosecuting attorney displayed in court, the Garmin GPS unit mounted on the suspect’s car reportedRead More

GPS Technology Helps Solve International Mystery


There are many great uses for GPS technology. Not since DNA testing, has a technology provided such precise evidence regarding where a suspect was when a crime took place. With more and more devices and vehicles equipped with GPS tracking, it becomes easier to pinpoint a suspect’s location or track stolen property. The U.S. court system is all too familiar with how GPS tracking can turn a case upside-down, as demonstrated by the recent historical U.S. v. Jones case. Now, in India, GPS tracking is being used to solve an international dispute. The crew on-board the Italian tanker, Enrica Lexie,Read More