Tracking Alzheimer’s Patients

Tracking Alzheimer’s Patients

What would you do if someone you love suddenly wandered away from home? While this might not seem like a possibility for some people, for other people it is a daily occurrence. Those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease often wander far from their homes without a trace. New GPS tracking technology can change the way that Alzheimer’s patients live. These small devices are imbedded into simple bracelets (and other items) that track and trace every movement a person makes. This kind of technology is crucial and life saving. Some of these devices are also equipped with a sort of portable phoneRead More

Big Brother is Watching You

Big brother is watching you. No, really, it’s your big brother. He can know where you are from your GPS tag or tracking device. More families are using GPS tracking technology to monitor where their children are going and to make sure they come back safely. Despite the paranoia associated with a government knowing your every location, this technology is gaining popularity with parents around the world. Ease of Use There are many devices out there that allow parents to track their children with these devices. Companies like Lok8u and Trackershop-UK have devices on the market that offer a varietyRead More

Parents Consider GPS Tracking for Children

Child Services GPS

Terrifying stories of child kidnappings have prompted some parents to explore GPS tracking options for their own kids. Parents feel that knowing their children’s whereabouts is essential to safety, and that tracking devices could locate kids speedily if they wandered off or went missing.   Because the child abduction rate is rather high, there is a growing awareness of the need to keep track of children; if a child is not in the house, a parent cannot simply assume that he went down the street to play with a friend. Some parents would go to any necessary lengths to maintainRead More

Preventing Family Abduction with GPS Monitoring

Baby and big shoes

It’s every parent’s nightmare—the kidnapping of a son or daughter. But when the kidnapper is the child’s other parent, the case becomes even more complicated. Even if the child is returned, what is to keep it from happening again? Many such cases are looking to GPS monitoring to keep track of the offending partner while awaiting criminal charges and custody decisions.   Case in Point In 2008 Emiko Inoue fled her home in Wisconsin with her daughter to return to her home country of Japan the same day her husband filed divorce papers. It took four years to get herRead More

Sony Cybershot DSC-HX100V Features GPS

I may not be a professional photographer, but I do take massive amounts of photographs.  As a mother of three active children, it kind of comes with the territory — there is always something that has to be documented. We love taking random family trips, like nearby hikes and nature walks and jaunts to random beaches we come across in unfamiliar territories around us.  One of our favorite activities is to just get in the car and drive, taking turns choosing which way to turn, never knowing where we will end up. We have a map at the ready justRead More

On the Road With GPS

You know that GPS tracking can help you keep track of your spouse and kids as they travel to and from work and school each day. Maybe you even carry a device with you for safety reasons as you’re out jogging or biking. But have you considered taking your unit with you on your next vacation? If you’ve ever traveled overseas or across several states, you know that communication with friends and family back home can be spotty. Phone communication is unreliable and access to email and other messaging options remains at the mercy of your travel and activity schedule.Read More

Parents Everywhere Discover GPS Tracking

Every parent, no matter their culture or heritage, knows the questions associated with parenting. Will I raise my child right? Can I keep him safe? What if I fail and something happens to her? What should I do in an emergency? How can I know where my child is without annoying him? How do I best take care of of my family? Parental worries and concerns aren’t anything new; they’ve only changed shape with the changing culture. Our ancestors might have worried more whether their child would encounter wild animals or marauding bandits than child molesters or armed robbers; however,Read More

GPS Tracking Helps Parent – Child Relationships

In today’s increasingly dangerous world, all parents face a common struggle: trying to keep their children safe while still allowing them freedom. No parent wants to keep their children under lock and key until they reach adulthood; however, no parent wants to risk their child’s safety in the name of independence, either. So what’s the answer to this dilemma? How do parents, concerned for their children living in a dangerous world, balance this concern with their children’s need for independence? GPS tracking may provide the solution. GPS tracking devices interact with satellites orbiting the earth. These satellites allow tracking unitsRead More

You Know My Methods, Watson.

A good detective embraces new technologies and Sherlock Holmes would have used every tool conceivable to prevent and/or solve a crime. You can too with today’s tool of choice – GPS tracking devices. Now that things look like they might be in the early stages of improvement from a business standpoint, it is a good idea to assess how you are doing and if there are any other things you can do to protect your momentum. Theft not only robs you of assets that you need to run your business, but also that momentum that helps keep your outlook positiveRead More

GPS Devices Get Smaller – Providing Better Protection

Nanotechnology notwithstanding, many electronic devices are getting so small that it is almost unbelievable.  Consider the cell phone, the watch, and even GPS Tracking devices. The need for a small footprint in a tracking device is driven by several factors. First the smaller size allows one to better conceal a device.  This is important in tracking things and even people. Some GPS tracking devices are sewn into clothing for children which provides parents a better method for keeping track on their location. Some of these are hidden in product that is being shipped for the purpose of being able toRead More