Kentucky: Responding to Fires Faster With GPS Tracking

When a building is on fire, quick response time is crucial to saving the structure. Every second counts, and GPS tracking can help firefighters respond quicker than ever before. Firefighters in Jefferson County, Kentucky are in the midst of adding GPS tracking devices to their entire fleet. The Louisville Fire Department made the decision to implement the GPS devices some time ago, and after their success with the program, the rest of the county is following suit. Right now, Middletown Fire Department is giving it a go, and Chief Jeffrey Riddle is confident the GPS devices will be a perfectRead More

Andhra Pradesh, India: Equipping Firefighters With GPS

Firefighters are charged with a pretty important job, and time is of the essence. In order to more effectively fight fires in Andhra Pradesh, India, the state plans to provide the latest in technological advances to the Andhra Pradesh Fire Services Department: digital cameras providing a direct link to GPS satellites via GPS device.   The cameras will give officials in the command center the ability to keep an eye on ongoing firefights using screens installed in the head office. They can use these images to more effectively guide firefighters, decreasing the damage caused by fires and aiding in rescueRead More

GPS Technology Used To Map Brentwood Fire Hydrants


U.S. roads are filled with signs and markers that help drivers navigate streets and highways. However, not all signs were meant for drivers, which can cause some confusion. We know that speed bumps are meant to slow our vehicles down, and that a double yellow line means it’s too dangerous to cross, but what about those little blue reflective markers? These reflectors were placed in our streets for city firefighters to easily and quickly locate the nearest fire hydrant in the area. In Brentwood, Tennessee, however, these reflectors are being made obsolete with GPS technology. The city of Brentwood hasRead More

Sentrix Tracking Unit: First Responders’ Best Friend

It is safe to say that being a firefighter is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world.  Whether a rookie or seasoned veteran, the risk is always there that you might not come out of a burning building alive.  New technology was recently tested at the Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute, and this device, reliant on GPS technology by TRX Systems, could save countless lives of firefighters. Despite all of their gear when entering a building engulfed in flames, it is virtually impossible to see anything around them in all of the thick, black smoke which can makeRead More