GPS Reels in the Big One

Magellan, known for its pioneering innovations in GPS technology, has just recently released its newest navigational device—this time for fishermen. The eXplorist 310 Angler and the eXplorist 510 Pro Angler came out in August 2012 to the acclaim of fishing enthusiasts everywhere.   About Magellan Based in Santa Clara, California, Magellan has long been recognized for its GPS navigation tools. From basic directional devices for all modes of transportation to handheld receivers for the outdoorsman to watches for fitness enthusiasts, Magellan has delivered well-built and highly accurate systems that are also affordable. All Magellan products are made to hold upRead More

It’s Like Waze, But With Fish


You’ve heard of Waze, right? It’s like Facebook mashed up with GPS, and it really works. The smart phone app integrates your cell phone’s GPS with the web. Not only does it provide a tremendously effective GPS navigation service, it even alerts highway travelers of highway obstacles that are approaching—instantly. So let’s say you’re on a highway, and Waze is open on your phone—you use it to navigate. Half a mile ahead of you, a tractor trailer accident stops traffic. At the same time, another Waze user who witnessed the accident and is now stuck in traffic has alerted everyoneRead More

GPS Poised to Change Tanzanian Fishing Industry


In the United States, it is not uncommon for a fisherman, professional or not, to run to Wal-Mart, purchase a GPS, and put it to work. In the relatively small nation of Tanzania, however, GPS mappers are a valuable commodity. They are, however, beginning to take the mostly agricultural nation by storm, poising the African Republic for serious growth.   A Valuable Component of the Economy Commercial fishing in Tanzania is an extremely valuable component of its economy. About three quarters of the nation’s economy rests on agriculture, i.e. growing and harvesting food. The nation is right on the coastRead More

Find Fish In NC Using Your Mobile Device


Fishing is a past time enjoyed by men and women of all ages. Some enjoy the relaxation while waiting for the big one to bite, while others love the thrill of reeling it in. All fishermen can likely recall a time they came up empty handed, spending an entire frustrating day on the water without a single bite. In North Carolina, the NC Wildlife Resources Commission is trying to give anglers all the help they can with an online map of the GPS locations of around 550 fish attractor spots all over the state.   Fishermen can simply log onRead More

Magellan Teams with Fishing Hot Spots to Offer GPS Devices for Fishermen


GPS devices are of great use for outdoorsmen and women. The pinpoint accuracy of the technology allows adventurers to leave a digital breadcrumb trail back to their vehicles, freeing their hearts to roam freely in the wilderness. These devices are useful in hunting, helping to record where different animals have been spotted. They’re also great for running, cycling, and simply hiking, and can record speed, distance and generally help the user keep track of his or her progress. Now, Magellan, a leader in the GPS industry, has partnered with Fishing Hot Spots, to bring fishing enthusiasts the top-of-the-line GPS equipmentRead More

GPS Saves a Group of Fishermen


You love fishing. You go to a lake with some friends, walk in the ice until you find a nice spot. After a few hours, without warning, the ice breaks. You and your friends are adrift, slowly moving away from the shore, and you don’t even know it. In this situation, every minute counts. You need to call the rescue crews ASAP, but you don’t even know you’re in danger! This situation can be easily avoided with GPS technology. A GPS tracking device can tell you exactly where you are. It can also tell you if you’re not where you’reRead More

ViewRanger App Provides GPS Tracking for the Ultimate Outdoor Adventure


Since the dawn of consumer GPS technology, users have been fascinated with the idea of using GPS tracking for outdoor adventures, whether they include hiking, camping, hunting or more. The growing ubiquity of smart phones in United States consumers’ hands has made the possibility for easy GPS tracking to aid in outdoor adventures. Now, Android and iOS users can take their phone’s GPS to the next level with a new app called ViewRanger GPS. Designed and released by Augmentra Ltd., ViewRanger GPS transforms the user’s smart phone or tablet device into a GPS navigator specifically for use in the outdoors.Read More

GPS Tracking Assists Recreational Boat Owners


The most recent New York Boat Show showcased technology that would have dropped the jaws of the show’s early founders. One of the most interesting features to appear at the show is known as Skyhook. Skyhook uses GPS tracking technology to “anchor” a boat in a certain location. By choosing a specific GPS map location, the navigator can program the boat’s motors to do whatever is necessary to remain within five feet of that spot. The technology makes it easy for fisherman, divers, and other boaters to ensure that their boats stay put while they enjoy the activities they cameRead More

Government May be Forced to Track Fishermen

Commercial fishermen may soon be required to utilize GPS tracking devices on their boats, thanks to a new program instituted by the MD Department of Natural Resources Fisheries Service.  Currently it is voluntary but that could change in the future. The changes come after the MD Natural Resources Police found nets placed illegally in Chesapeake Bay containing over 13 tons of striped bass, otherwise known as rockfish.  This led to an early end to the rockfish season — and warrants issued to poachers.  There have been no arrests made in the case as of yet. How will these tracking devicesRead More