Freedom from GPS Fleet Tracking

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The introduction or discussion of GPS fleet tracking has been met with varying responses from employers and employees. As specific industries and government-funded departments have decided to implement this new technology, opinions ranging from causes to freedoms to taxpayers’ money continue to abound—and to clash. Some people, simply by personality, negatively react to the idea of accountability and control inherent within the establishment of GPS fleet tracking; however, the new technology seems to be spreading and attracting more supporters. Could a shift in thinking possibly help those in opposition see such changes as bringing more freedom instead of less?  Read More

Follow That Truck!: GPS Guides Commercial Trucking

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The sight of two 18-wheeler trucks rumbling beside a small car causes panic for many drivers who fear getting hit. But truck drivers may fear a collision just as much. How would they tell their manager about the accident? How would they find a quicker route to make up for the delay and still deliver the products to the business on time? Who will help guide them?   Getting There with GPS GPS technology has begun to guide commercial trucking fleets of various companies. Of  course, hundreds of little hand-held GPS units can’t do the job. So, business managers andRead More

A GPS Buyers Guide for Fleet Management

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Whether your company is small, medium, or large, managing a fleet of vehicles can be overwhelming. Advances in GPS technology help owners track their fleets better, but then there is the overwhelming prospect of sorting through all the information from all the companies that offer tracking solutions. For seven years now, FleetMatics has been publishing a buyer’s guide to help people make the right decision. The purpose of the guide is “to help buyers identify their goals, and ask the right questions to choose the right solution for their business,” according to FleetMatics’s vice president of product management.   AboutRead More

GPS Tracking the Trash in India

GPS Tracking Trains in India

Once a week, most of us see a large trash truck pull up to our house and drive away with our refuse, never to be seen again. Sometimes it might occur to us how much planning it must take to coordinate the routes of all those trash trucks each week. But most of the time, we don’t take notice of the trash truck fleet unless it fails to show up on the right day.   This very problem seems to be growing in the town of Ahmedabad, India. Officials regularly receive calls from customers complaining of spotty service and trashRead More

How Accurate is Your GPS, Really?

Few segments of the GPS industry receive more analytical attention than fleet management. One of the key benefits of GPS technology as it applies to fleets is the ability to monitor vehicle use (and perhaps abuse), conformity to highway regulations, vehicles that may or may not be in emergency situations, and more. One huge hurdle when it comes to implementing GPS tracking technology is the question of reliability. How do you pinpoint the true accuracy of a GPS device, especially when you are trying to manage a fleet that may contain dozens, even hundreds of vehicles? A New GPS AccuracyRead More

CDMA PRO Fleet Tracking System: Increased Efficiency and Accountability

GPS Intelligence announced the release of the CDMA PRO GPS vehicle tracking device, aiming to provide fleet managers with a reliable and cost-effective fleet tracking and mobile workforce management solution. GPS Intelligence is a top provider of both commercial and government GPS tracking applications. The CDMA PRO allows fleet managers to see at any point in time where any of their vehicles are, along with compiling data such as speed, heading, stop data, and more. This allows them to see if routes need adjusting in order to cut down on response times, increase productivity, and at the same time, fuelRead More

GPS Fleet Management Offers Fuel Economy Function

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GPS fleet management is one of the greatest advances ever in industries that rely on the central control of multiple vehicles. Delivery services, trash pickup, city bus systems, and taxi companies are just some of the areas that have seen drastically increased accuracy, oversight, and accountability since GPS was introduced to the private sector. Now, a Seattle-based company is adding a new feature that is sure to perk the ears of fleet managers who are looking to cut costs anywhere possible. Zonar, the creator of an already-popular GPS fleet management system, is now offering a fuel economy tracker to itsRead More

Driver’s Alert Provides Fleet Management for Delicate Deliveries


Driver’s Alert, one of the premier names in GPS tracking products for fleet management, has recently endorsed its products with a focus on auto glass companies. The South Carolina based company positioned itself as the premier deliverer of both hardware and software solutions for fleet managers that wish to improve efficiency, safety, and guaranteed delivery of product. A Delicate Product. An Accurate Service. When it comes to a product like auto glass, staying on those individuals who drive and deliver the product is more important than ever. Put simply, it’s easy to break glass. It’s therefore more important to curbRead More

GPS Technology Reduces Costs and Increases Productivity for Fleet Management

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Companies spend thousands of dollars making sure their products get safely to their destination. With GPS technology, it is possible not only to increase safety, but also to reduce costs for fleet managers. GPS Technology Increases Safety GPS technology increases safety by giving managers the ability to know where their fleet is at any given time. Managers no longer need to worry about the location of their vehicles. They can see where it is on their computer. If a manager needs to change the route, he or she can see where a vehicle is on a map, and tell theRead More

Fleet Managers Rejoice: Driver’s Alert Takes the GPS Headaches Away


Many businesses fall victim to bandwagon management tactics. In the world of fleet management, the bandwagon is GPS. When integrated and used correctly, this phenomenal technology can revolutionize the efficiency, effectiveness and profitability of a commercial fleet. The problem is that many fleet managers are thrown in at the deep end when it comes to GPS technology. The new tech is purchased, but fleet managers are undertrained, or the software used to monitor the devices does not function correctly. Driver’s Alert, Inc. hopes to change that. That Data Looks Great, Doesn’t It? The problem is the data. GPS tracking technologyRead More