Calculating Acreage with a GPS Device

Have you ever wondered exactly how much acreage your property contains? Or perhaps you’re considering purchasing a plot of land and want to know what the acreage is. You no longer have to sort through government documents to find out. You can measure acreage using your own handheld GPS device or a mobile device equipped with an app that uses GPS technology. Probably most of us remember how to calculate the area of a perfect square or a nice, even rectangle. In the world of real estate, though, perfect squares and nice, even rectangles are few and far between. MostRead More

Similar GPS Apps Create a Closer Bond

Since Garmin’s acquisition of German-based Navigon in 2011, the updated apps and features for both companies’ GPS navigation devices have become so similar that they almost can no longer to distinguished. Even though Google and Apple offer many free apps, Garmin and Navigon offer much more in the way of data and features for just under $40. The Maps  Most navigational tools come fully loaded with a set of maps for the United States and Canada. Garmin and Navigon are no exception. They are known for accurate, up-to-date maps. But now Garmin has followed Navigon’s example by giving users theRead More

A Contender for the Best GPS Watch

With the array of choices available, athletes may have trouble choosing the best GPS watch for their needs. A recent determination by testers at a watch company may help to make things more clear.   Recently, evaluators from Heart Rate Watch Company reviewed the Garmin Forerunner 10 and declared it to be the best GPS pacing watch for 2013. Despite the wide array of GPS watches available for athletes, some features of this particular device make it their current top choice.   Variety of Applications The Garmin Forerunner 10 has the ability to track motion both in miles per hourRead More

Garmin Uses Cutting Edge Technology to Make GPS Enabled Devices Even Smarter

GPS Satellites

We’ve already seen how far automobiles have come with features like automatic braking systems and OnStar navigation, adding both safety and major convenience. Garmin, like Magellan, is taking both GPS tracking technology and added vehicle features to the next level.   Bicycling and Driving with Garmin Garmin’s Edge 810 and 510 are a technology, never before designed by Garmin, for serious cyclists. Both versions’ freestanding device allows users to connect with their iPhone to GPS track their current coordinates en route, check upcoming weather, share media, and have capability of service from not only GPS but also Russia’s GLONASS. InRead More

A GPS Face-Off

Probably the two most well-known makers of personal navigation devices, or PNDs, are Garmin and TomTom. But which is better? Although Garmin leads in total sales, TomTom takes the lead when it comes to advances in technology, especially on the phone app side of things.   The Similarities Both Garmin and TomTom have their faithful followers who would argue that their candidate is the best, but the truth is that both companies offer a wide array of similar features. Both provide text to speech conversion for the relaying of navigation directions and street names. Both provide 3D map views, includingRead More

Garmin GPS Sports Watch Wins Again!

In April 2011, Garmin launched the first-ever GPS-enabled touchscreen fitness watch. Now in 2012, the Garmin Forerunner 610 has been voted the best sports watch of the year for trail and mountain runners. Because stride length and cadence vary in this sport, foot pods are inaccurate and therefore unreliable, but the Forerunner comes through on an array of features.   Delivering on the Basics The water-resistant Forerunner 610 surged ahead of the competition because of its touchscreen interface. You can simply touch, tap, or swipe the screens for quick access to training data. The first navigation screen allows the userRead More

Did I Park in Lot E, Space 3, or was that Lot 3, Space E?


The answer to the age old question will soon no longer need to even be asked. No, not the chicken and the egg question. The “Where’s my car?” question. New apps for smartphones are now able to remember where we parked our car. This revelation can bring instant relief to anyone who has walked out of a mall on Black Friday with an armful of Christmas gifts, while simultaneously completely forgetting where we parked, and in some cases, what our car even looks like.   Returning the Last Mile Garmin’s NAVIGON for the Android OS offers a feature called LastRead More

Garmin dezl 760LMT GPS Targets Truck Drivers

There are a host of options out there when choosing a consumer level GPS device, each with a unique set of features and options tailored to a specific portion of the market. Garmin has just tapped into yet another segment of the population with the release of their dezl 760LMT GPS: truck drivers.   Garmin’s dezl (“diesel”) 760LMT GPS has a slew of truck driver-friendly features, such as Truck Profile. Here, the user enters the size and weight of the truck they are driving and the GPS device will guide them along only the roads they are able to travelRead More

Garmin Opens Research Development Facility in Tulsa, OK

Garmin International, Inc., a leader in the GPS industry, has announced the opening of a new research and development facility in Tulsa, Oklahoma. They have set up shop in a building at 4500 S. Garnett Road and are already hard at work. Over time the company plans on employing 15 people, according to the director of corporate communications for Garmin, Ted Gartner. Garmin International, Inc. is based in Olathe, Kansas and manufactures GPS devices with a broad range of uses including boats, cars, airplanes, and handheld/portable GPS devices for people such as watches for fitness and sports such as golf.Read More

Garmin Glo Portable GPS and Glonass Receiver: The New Kid on the Block

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You’re driving to the backwoods camp your family rented for the summer vacation. Your cell phone GPS cuts out in the middle of nowhere, leaving you with no clue where to go and no one in sight.   You’re trying to make your way across an unfamiliar city. You lose your GPS connection at an important intersection surrounded by tall buildings. What direction do you take?   These scenarios are familiar to many smartphone users. The connection power of mobile GPS devices often doesn’t hold out in the country or in the middle of crowded cities. These scenarios can leadRead More