Woman Who Blamed GPS For Driving Into Golf Course Imprisoned

Occasionally, GPS navigation systems lead drivers astray. You might remember that we reported on the tourists in New Zealand who drove their rental car into the ocean following the GPS navigation systems’ directions. More recently, we reported a story in which a woman claimed her GPS device caused her to driver into the Whitinsville Golf Club on June 18. The story was hard enough to believe, but her case wasn’t helped by her apparent drunkenness. On July 25th, the driver was sentenced to two years at Framingham state prison, by Judge Paul A. Losapio at the Uxbridge District Court.  Read More

When Not to Trust Your GPS


For the most part, GPS technology has been welcomed with open arms as a technology with wide reaching and varied function. However, GPS has its critics. Many complain that GPS instructions aren’t always correct. This is more common on cell phone GPS trackers, which must connect to orbiting satellites using antennas hidden beneath a polymer or metal exterior that isn’t exactly conducive to strong satellite connections.   One woman claims that her GPS led her straight to disaster. The female allegedly drove into a golf course sand trap at 45 mph, disrupting operations on the golf course. She blamed herRead More

Digital Caddy GPS App for Golf Courses


A golf course in Ohio is taking a bold step: It’s trying to change the way golfers play their game. Golf is an ancient sport filled with tradition, and its enthusiasts take great pride in doing things the way they’ve always been done—the way they should be done. If you doubt this, just try wearing jeans to your next outing at a high-class course. It’s true that we have added golf carts for convenience and highly evolved clubs built from space-age metals, but for the most part golfers feel best when they are alone on the grass with a smallRead More