Digital Caddy GPS App for Golf Courses


A golf course in Ohio is taking a bold step: It’s trying to change the way golfers play their game. Golf is an ancient sport filled with tradition, and its enthusiasts take great pride in doing things the way they’ve always been done—the way they should be done. If you doubt this, just try wearing jeans to your next outing at a high-class course. It’s true that we have added golf carts for convenience and highly evolved clubs built from space-age metals, but for the most part golfers feel best when they are alone on the grass with a smallRead More

GPS Tracking Improves Golf Performance

Golf is one of America’s most popular athletic activities. Millions of pro and amateur golfers all across the country practice their skills on a regular basis, hoping to improve their score and master the sport. They spend hours analyzing the golf course, choosing the right club, and perfecting their shot. And while practice does make perfect, practice plus a little help from GPS tracking makes a perfect golf score. When on the golf course there is only so much about your performance that you can see. You hit a tiny ball and hope that it will reach the green whereRead More