GPS: Helping Vision-Impaired Golfers See The Course Ahead

GPS rangefinders can help even the best of golfers improve their game. But did you know that it can also help golfers with vision problems? GolfBuddy Voice+ is the new kid on the block of GPS watches, the first golf GPS device featuring voice commands, designed just for the blind and visually impaired. Doug Sloan, president of Blind Golf Australia and Blind Golf Australia Victoria, has tested a lot of tools crafted to improve the golfer’s game. But with the GolfBuddy Voice+, he feels more confident in his ability to participate in a game of golf. You see, typically aRead More

GPS Apps Popular Among Amateur Golfers

Golf is a very challenging sport. Although it doesn’t come with the same energy as, say, basketball, football or hockey, men and women spend decades improving their game. This explains the popularity of golf apps. Some GPS device manufacturers, such as Garmin, offer wearable GPS technology dedicated to providing golf statistics and improving your game. However, the more popular option are golf apps which can be downloaded on a smartphone and use the built-in GPS technology of the phone.   Amateur golfers have been downloading these apps left and right, but you won’t find any in a professional golf tournament, otherRead More

SkyCaddie Releases 2013 Sport Series Rangefinder Line

Spring is upon us, and that means a return to the links. If you’re looking to improve your golf game this season, check out SkyCaddie’s new line of rangefinders.   The Sport Series lineup: the SkyCaddie Aire, Gimme, Voice, and Watch. This means you’re sure to find the golfing GPS device that suits your needs whether you’re a beginning or professional golfer, who’ll love the wireless SkyCaddie SGXw.   The Sport Series comes ready to use right out of the box, pre-loaded with SkyCaddie’s complimentary ‘Par’ Membership. This gives users ‘Front, Middle, and Back’ distance data for 30,000 golf coursesRead More

Garmin’s New GPS Golf Watch: Gloves On


Looking for an edge in your golf game? Many golfers rely on GPS devices, in watch-form, to help them stay on top of their game. The problem: price. Most reliable GPS watches can cost over $300. After weighing options, however, the price begins to look more reasonable. Some argue that decent GPS apps can be installed on a smartphone that perform just as well as the fancy, expensive watches. For example, the AirVue Golf app costs a mere $10 in the Apple App Store. It performs quite well, but when you start to look at certain factors which are smartphone-specific,Read More

Digital Caddy GPS App for Golf Courses


A golf course in Ohio is taking a bold step: It’s trying to change the way golfers play their game. Golf is an ancient sport filled with tradition, and its enthusiasts take great pride in doing things the way they’ve always been done—the way they should be done. If you doubt this, just try wearing jeans to your next outing at a high-class course. It’s true that we have added golf carts for convenience and highly evolved clubs built from space-age metals, but for the most part golfers feel best when they are alone on the grass with a smallRead More

The American Golf Club Installs Digital Caddies GPS


The American Golf Club in Vero Beach, Florida recently installed Digital Caddies GPS system for its patrons. We’ve seen apps and GPS tracking devices developed to collect data for runners, cyclists, and even swimmers. Now, Digital Caddies GPS is offering the same type of service for golfers. As just about any sports enthusiast will tell you, a big part of the fun is tracking and comparing performance statistics. The GPS tracking system provided by Digital Caddies allows all golfers, at any level of experience, to track their shots and monitor progress. Golf is one of the U.S.’ most popular hobbies.Read More

Golf Course Equipment Tracking

By James Neely The water hazards on a golf course are no place in which your expensive golf carts should be found, but it does happen. Being prepared to handle these unfortunate events is a fact of life in golf course management. But it should be minimized by encouraging responsible behavior. This can be accomplished by installing a GPS Tracking system into these vehicles and other golf course equipment like mowers and tractors. In the operation of a golf course, one of the most expensive items is the equipment that it takes to provide transportation between holes and maintaining theRead More

GPS Vehicle Tracking for Recreational Protection

By James Neely In the world of outdoor recreation, businesses need a method of managing their assets and monitoring usage. There is no better way of accomplishing this than to use a GPS Tracking system. The types of businesses that can benefit from GPS are endless: Golf Courses and Country Clubs. Management of golf carts can be made easy but in addition so too can the equipment that is used in the operations of a course: tractors, mowers, and anything else that has a motor. Boat Rentals. Want to know where your rental boat is located? Look it up onRead More

GPS Tracking Saves Father During a Golf Match

By Chris O’Toole There have been many horrific tales and near-disaster cases of when the average person will need GPS. However, in the case of my father, GPS tracking played a pivotal role even during a time of leisure. Golf is arguably the safest sport that one person could play and thus, it serves as a perfect example of how the GPS tracker shifts its purpose from a want to a need. In the most secure situation, the GPS tracking system was an absolute essential. Fortuitously, my father happened to have RMT’s PT 200 for his expensive golf clubs inRead More

Farmers Use GPS Technology

There are many industries that make great use of GPS tracking. We’ve told you a lot about how cities use GPS tracking to keep track of employees and schoolbuses. We’ve told you about the ways people use GPS tracking on the water to keep track of ferry boats or whaling ships. On land, golf courses, hockey teams, and police units all use GPS tracking.