Free Field Trip App Helps You Find The Fun

Google recently released a new free app for iOS and Android smartphone users. It’s the perfect app for summer fun and exploration. The app is called “Field Trip” and provides users with fun and interesting things to do nearby. It uses GPS technology built-in to the smartphones to access information about what attractions are close by.   After the app is downloaded, it connects to the built-in GPS location data to determine the user’s current location. Activities and attractions range from restaurants, shops, movies and architecture, to local history and obscure events. Users can choose which type of attractions are mostRead More

Google Glasses: GPS Without The App

The more people join the Google Glasses Explorer program, the more we learn about the futuristic device. More users were given the chance to take Google Glasses for a test drive, and now new information regarding the GPS technology and other functions of of the glasses has been released. Besides giving users the power to text a friend without requiring an application to handle the task, Google Glasses will provide GPS navigation in order to receive turn-by-turn directions to their destination. Users of the current Google Glasses within the Explorer program must first install GPS and messaging apps for theseRead More

Similar GPS Apps Create a Closer Bond

Since Garmin’s acquisition of German-based Navigon in 2011, the updated apps and features for both companies’ GPS navigation devices have become so similar that they almost can no longer to distinguished. Even though Google and Apple offer many free apps, Garmin and Navigon offer much more in the way of data and features for just under $40. The Maps  Most navigational tools come fully loaded with a set of maps for the United States and Canada. Garmin and Navigon are no exception. They are known for accurate, up-to-date maps. But now Garmin has followed Navigon’s example by giving users theRead More

GPS + Weather Updates = Cutting Edge Mobile Phone Camera Capabilities

These days, the average person uses his or her mobile phone to take pictures everywhere rather than carrying around a large external camera. Depending on the brand, model, and amount of pixels in the mobile device, in-phone cameras can take some incredible photos–or not. Those in-phone cameras include panoramic features, cropping, or overall automatic fine-tuning with white balance and saturation. However, sometimes the GPS enabled mobile device camera’s software just isn’t enough to produce the best picture possible, and downloading the picture to a computer, editing it with photo software, and uploading it again can be a major pain.  Read More

GPS Animation in Google Earth

Imagine taking GPS data and viewing it in action on a 3-D earth. This is GPS animation. Since the version 4 release of Google Earth in 2006, this amazing concept is fully possible.   The Basics Since its inception, many people have enjoyed the features of Google Earth. Users are able to enter GPS coordinates or location information and get a bird’s eye view of the area. The resolution and accuracy that are available are simply amazing. When version 4 of the software was released, it included the ability to upload time-stamped data files. Since the program can then tellRead More

Singapore Gets Google Maps Updates

GPS Satellites

Drivers in Singapore are celebrating with Google’s recent announcement: Google Maps Navigation is now officially available for use in Singapore. This follows the mysterious appearance and then disappearance back in early November of the country from a list of countries the app supported.   Prior to this announcement in 2010, someone hacked the GPS navigation app so it worked across the world, including Singapore. Each and every version of Google Maps Navigation for Android was hacked, but a year later Google caught on and shut them all down. They released the list of countries in early November, and although SingaporeRead More

Are Self Driving Cars On The Horizon?


The idea of a self-driving car is becoming more and more plausible as technology advances. GPS technology already guides drivers, and most of the auto industry are researching ways to develop a self-driving car. Though, we’re still at least 15 years away from a self-driving car, GPS navigation technology, along with anti-crash technology is paving the way. Google’s self-driving car project has captured the imagination of the consumer, in a huge way. “The whole concept of a car being able to drive itself is pretty profound,” said General Motor’s former research and development chief Larry Burns. “This is the mostRead More

Exploring the Next GPS Mobile App: My Tracks

There is no shortage of GPS apps for those that love what they can do. Finding them isn’t the problem. Choosing the right one . . . ? That’s where the difficulty starts. Now, Google has a new offering in the world of GPS mobile applications. Is it worth it? Or is it just another app in the crowd?   My Tracks for Android My Tracks for Android was actually introduced in 2009. The app, however, has received little attention until recently. It’s most recent claim to fame? Working with Team HTC-Columbia to track riders during the Tour de France.Read More

Upgrades for Navigon App for iOS

Garmin has announced their Navigon GPS app for iOS will be receiving some upgrades after Apple and Google both announced their plans to upgrade their own standard GPS apps, as well as Microsoft announcing their new Windows Phone 8OS will include free GPS navigation and onboard maps. Navigon version 2.1 adds Google Street View and Cockpit, which displays driving data, available as an in-app purchase. The Navigon GPS app will still offer a routing algorithm and onboard maps.   Garmin has also made a few improvements, such as the amount of time the app takes to start as well asRead More

Portable GPS Navigation Devices Might Become Obsolete


The two major smartphone developers, Google and Apple, recently unveiled new navigation capabilities, which could make portable and in-dash GPS navigation devices obsolete. Earlier this month, Google announced a new interface and features for Google Maps, including the ability of Android users to download maps offline. More recently, Apple also announced new mapping and GPS navigation features for the upcoming iOS 6. When Apple made their Maps announcement, Garmin’s stock dropped close to ten percent. Certainly, portable navigation devices are still useful, but the trend suggests that smartphones may soon render them obsolete.   “We’ve been competing successfully with freeRead More