Astonishingly Accurate GPS Technology

Up until now, consumer-level GPS tracking data has been accurate for only up to 9 feet or so. How many times have you been frustrated by being misled by your device? Many factors can contribute to this situation: the speed at which signals are sent from satellites, atmospheric disturbances, signal interruptions, terrain, travel speeds and more. Some GPS users have complained about missed turns and inaccurate destination information. Hope is on the horizon, however, thanks to new research and development.   Position Precision New technology has improved positioning data in 50 to 90% of tests—in fact, GPS tracking may beRead More

Tracking GPS Satellites More Accurately


We all know that our GPS devices work with the help of satellites that orbit the earth, but the technology is far more complex than that. Unless we know exactly where the satellites are, we can’t get an accurate location reading from them. A new effort from NASA aims to coordinate the four different geolocation systems in a single station to achieve more accurate, consistent readings than ever before. Tracking GPS satellites is a fascinating, complex process that combines state-of-the-art technology with mathematical techniques that are centuries old. In fact, ancient Greeks were able to use these techniques to figureRead More

GPS III Preps for Launch, Exelis Aboard


Does ITT Exelis sound familiar to you? You may have never heard of them, but they’ve been a part of GPS technology for forty years. A satellite company called ITT Exelis participated in the evolution of GPS nearly from day one. Now, the company is preparing to build part of the satellites to be used for the next generation of GPS satellites, collectively a part of the GPS III satellite constellation. What does GPS III Mean? There have been two previous “levels” of GPS satellites. GPS III has been recently approved by the government, allowing more accurate GPS signals toRead More

Can Your Cell Phone Really Replace A Good Standalone GPS?

smartphone gps

Consumer demand is clearly trending away from standalone GPS devices. Smart phones are becoming ubiquitous, and the demand is shifting toward GPS phones with accurate navigation apps. Can a cell phone really do everything that a GPS does? Consumer Reports recently analyzed the vast number of navigation apps available for smart phones, and found large variations in quality across the board. The organization reviewed several of the most popular iPhone navigation apps. They ranged in cost from an unbelievable $100 (for an app?) to $10 monthly. Consumer Reports’ regard for the app seemed to go up as the price did. ARead More