GPS Antennas Up

U.S. Military GPS

After years of research, development, trials, and launches, the Wellingborough, United Kingdom-based company Sarantel is ready to make its mark in the world of GPS technology. Sarantel specializes in miniature antennas for GPS devices, and it recently signed a multi-year contract with an American company that makes military radios. After pouring almost $80 million into its GPS antennas, Sarantel hopes this is just the beginning. Manufacturing GPS technology and all the devices that use it, including smartphones and navigation tools, are dependent on antennas to receive a signal. Sarantel’s antennas are unique because they are ceramic based and small. SuchRead More

Multifrequency GPS Antennas See Increased Production

GPS Satellites

Just as important as the accuracy of your device is the reliability and reception of your GPS device antenna. A variety of external antennas can be purchased to increase reception, and manufacturers of these antennas are producing models featuring improved reception and ease of portability, with multifrequency models seeing a boost in production. The built-in GPS navigational devices featured in certain vehicles are including more multifrequency antennas, mainly from manufacturers in China, which support GPS signal along with Wi-Fi, GSM, or AM/FM frequencies. These antennas offer better reception than ever before, and some improve functionality of the low-noise amplifier. TheRead More