GPS Tags to Track Your Belongings

GPS tags promise to quickly revolutionize the way individuals search for missing objects. Instead of wandering aimlessly around their house, they would be able to use an app to direct them to the item’s location. The Basic Idea Everyone has suffered the frustrating experience of misplacing keys, a purse, or another necessary item. When the loss is realized, some individuals search frantically, while others try to logically recall where they last saw the item. A company called Tile has developed an idea that could be a much more efficient third option. They offer small white tags that can be attachedRead More

Trail Tracker GPS Revamped In Version 3.0

While Trail Tracker GPS is on version 3.1, it’s biggest update yet occurred when TapTools, its developer, released version 3.0 in July. Besides giving you the standard statistics of other outdoor apps, it shows the path you traveled no matter what you’re doing: running; hiking; biking; or even driving a car. What was new in 3.0? New data formats were introduced, something that TapTools is extremely excited about. According to a press release from the company: “We’ve received an unbelievable quantity of requests for all sorts of different data formats, so we took your feedback and started from the groundRead More

Lost Your Phone? GPS Tracking Can Help

If you’re like most people, you rarely go anywhere without your cell phone. You probably check it throughout the day for messages, texts, and emails. You may feel your pocket to make sure it’s there before you get in your car. And if you can’t find it, you panic. That’s what happened to a Cleveland man who called local police one night to report that his phone had been stolen. You know the feeling. You search everywhere, getting more and more flustered, until finally you come to the conclusion that it’s nowhere to be found. If your phone has sensitiveRead More

Keep the GPS, Just Don’t Ditch Your Brain

Studies have shown that people who use GPS maps to navigate tend lose the ability to create “mental maps” to destinations. This doesn’t mean that they have lost intelligence, just that their ability to find locations while driving or walking without GPS has become more problematic. This isn’t a good reason to pitch your GPS map or delete your GPS app from your phone. It just means we might be missing some of the benefits of getting lost, finding ourselves, and stretching our ability to find places. What are “Mental Maps”? A “mental map” is what we create in ourRead More

Going Out with GPS

Relationships have always been complex and exciting. In fact, the complexities play a major role in creating the excitement. So in this GPS-directed age, do the GPS dating options bring more complexity and excitement or less? The answer to that probably depends on your perspective. But here are a few general observations about going out with GPS technology that might help you confine the complexities to the realm of the relationship and avoid those that are related to this relatively new technological approach to relationships. Increased Immediacy Using the now-established mode of online relationship sites often means entering a getting-to-know-youRead More

CoPilot GPS Navigation App Comes To Windows Phone 8

Looking for an accurate way to find where you are going on your Windows 8 smartphone? Look no further than the CoPilot app! ALK Technologies Ltd. has recently announced its handy app that gets you where you need to go is now being offered for the Windows 8 phone platform. I personally put this GPS app to the test, the iOS version, on a recent journey from NH to TN with many stops in between, and not a clue as to where I was going. The app was insanely precise, and allowed me to choose from a variety of routesRead More

Laptop Lessons: GPS and Theft Protection

A dramatic, tragic story involving a lost laptop: years of research, priceless photos, extensive personal information, gone during a break-in during the light of day. A happy ending: laptop located and restored, thief caught and facing charges, local police force duly respected and thanked. A major factor in the outcome: GPS tracking on the laptop, notifying the owner of the exact location for the police to begin investigation. Lesson for laptop owners: GPS tracking might just be a reasonable investment! Prioritize Proactively Although none of us have the time, resources, or energy to prepare for every potential emergency and threat, everyoneRead More

Ocala, FL: iPhone’s GPS Locates Both Stolen Phone And Suspect For Authorities

Yet again, built-in smartphone GPS saves a stolen device and leads cops right to the perpetrator. Police in Ocala, FL discovered the robber with the stolen iPhone and two other phones in his possession. Officer Christopher Scaglione was conducting foot patrol in late June, and came across a man who approached him. This man told Scaglione he and a group of friends had been talking with another man. When that other man left, it was discovered that three of the groups’ iPhones, a Social Security card, and some cash had gone missing. After hearing their story, Officer Scaglione took aRead More

GPS Apps Popular Among Amateur Golfers

Golf is a very challenging sport. Although it doesn’t come with the same energy as, say, basketball, football or hockey, men and women spend decades improving their game. This explains the popularity of golf apps. Some GPS device manufacturers, such as Garmin, offer wearable GPS technology dedicated to providing golf statistics and improving your game. However, the more popular option are golf apps which can be downloaded on a smartphone and use the built-in GPS technology of the phone.   Amateur golfers have been downloading these apps left and right, but you won’t find any in a professional golf tournament, otherRead More

Skobbler GPS Navigation & Maps App Now On Android

The key feature of Skobbler’s GPS app is the offline mapping and navigation capabilities. There is no shortage of smartphone navigation apps on the market for iOS, Android, Windows or any other system. However, up until recently, if you wanted solid offline mapping and navigation, your best hope was with an iOS device. For Android and other non-Apple smartphone and tablet users, this was a bit of a drag. Now, Android users can purchase Skobbler for their smartphones for just $1. Skobbler’s designers have no shortage of confidence in their product. They’ve been quoted calling their work the “most powerfulRead More