GPS Technology an Asset in Cell Phone Theft Cases

GPS technology is being used more and more to track down criminals who have stolen cell phones. One such case occurred in July 2013 in Missouri, where a citizen awoke to find that his home had been burgled. Both cash and a smartphone were missing from the homeowner’s kitchen. After filing a police report, the victim activated the phone’s GPS app. Law enforcement agents were then able to trace the phone to a home where the alleged thief was hiding in the attic. They discovered not only the stolen phone but also a stolen gun and illegal drug paraphernalia. InRead More

Birdie App Improves the Game of Golf with GPS

Golf has always been a favorite way to unwind after a week in the office. But with the advent of GPS for golf, players can get more serious about their game than they might have thought. Birdie Apps recently released a new golfing app that will use GPS technology to help players step up their game while also helping course managers improve their marketing efforts. Improving Golf Accuracy with GPS The new app will provide detailed maps that allow players to determine exact distances for their shots, chart a line of approach, and calculate distances to any spot on theRead More

GPS Capabilities of iPad Exceed Expectations

In an astounding display of GPS tracking capabilities, police uncovered $25,000 worth of stolen merchandise. The story began when a woman reported her stolen property, which happened to include an iPad, to the police. By activating the GPS tracking capabilities on the woman’s stolen iPad, the police were able to trace it to the home of George Gary in Austin, Texas. After the police set up surveillance, they observed a man arriving at the house; he left holding an iPad. When Richard Harrington (Mr. Gary’s recently departed guest) ran a stop sign, the police had a reason to stop him.Read More

Similar GPS Apps Create a Closer Bond

Since Garmin’s acquisition of German-based Navigon in 2011, the updated apps and features for both companies’ GPS navigation devices have become so similar that they almost can no longer to distinguished. Even though Google and Apple offer many free apps, Garmin and Navigon offer much more in the way of data and features for just under $40. The Maps  Most navigational tools come fully loaded with a set of maps for the United States and Canada. Garmin and Navigon are no exception. They are known for accurate, up-to-date maps. But now Garmin has followed Navigon’s example by giving users theRead More

Smartphone Apps: Personalized GPS

The demand from mobile Smartphone users for personalized GPS tracking and navigation apps has created quite the growing enterprise. Selling features grow more intricate and exclusive as competition rises higher between manufacturers. Just what is it that consumers are so anxious to get out of their GPS apps, anyway? Aside from general navigation, Smartphone users can find great convenience in the turn by turn directions offered by most apps with GPS. Audio commands for each turn grant users the freedom to keep their eyes on the road while travelling, and voice activated commands give the appeal of a hands freeRead More

GPS Apps for Smartphones

With recent advances, many people are choosing GPS apps for smartphones. There are a number of applications on the market and their features vary as widely as their price tags. Most of the latest developments have been for the iPhone iOS. The latest system release for this device included a new app called Apple Maps. Unfortunately, this program did not perform up to expectations, even drawing an apology from Apple due to its poor functioning. Following this failure, a number of other apps were made available.   The Free Apps The most attractive option to consumers is the free apps.Read More

Magellan Introduces smartGPS: Navigation With a Social Side


So you thought standalone GPS devices were on their way out the door? Smartphone GPS apps have largely replaced the need for separate navigation systems, but Magellan has one more trick up its sleeve with the release of its new smartGPS which can complement the capabilities your current smartphone. The new smartGPS, slated to be released this spring with a $249 price tag combines live travel information with a social twist. Not only can you map your route from point A to B, smartGPS will help you find the best gas prices, a great little place to eat or aRead More

GPS Enabled Personal Devices Aren’t as Accurate as We Think

If there’s one thing a student loves, it’s a good field trip. Or so students from the geosciences department of Austin Peay State University hoped. A group of them took to the North Carolina country forests to do research in the field, their primary objective to study rock formations of interest and note the latitude and longitude of each. All of them did their work manually with utmost care except for one Maurice Testa who decided to use the GPS tracking app on his smart phone to record what should have been accurate coordinate information.   But Those Coordinates Weren’tRead More

GPS Dating Apps: Helpful Tracked Facts?

GPS apps

As GPS tracker services have expanded to include location-specific dating services and up-to-the-moment activity updates, many legitimate concerns have been expressed. With the emotional instability of many singles that turn to technology to find an ideal soul mate, the apps using a GPS tracker can create potentially dangerous or hurtful circumstances. Feelings of loneliness and isolation in a crowded café could lead to foolish, spur-of-the-moment decisions that a dating service GPS tracker could facilitate.   This tendency for immediate gratification, however, is not new to our current culture. While the GPS tracker method may provide an easy, let-me-introduce-myself route forRead More

Singles: Beware of Dangers Finding Dates Using GPS Apps

Technology has provided so many ways for singles to find that special someone. A complaint I’ve heard from many single friends: using an online dating site makes it hard to find someone in your area. A lot of them find wonderful people, but they’re too far away to make it really work. GPS device to the rescue, taking looking for love and bringing it to a local level. However, Jacksonville, FL’s Channel 4 Crime and Safety Expert Ken Jefferson sees potential hazards with these new GPS apps.   “Singles Around Me,” one such app relying on your smartphone’s GPS device,Read More