Mio Begins its British Invasion


It comes as no surprise that Europe is forming the cutting edge of modern sports GPS use. A pattern seems to be emerging in America: our nation innovates tech in big, broad strokes like the iPad, the laptop computer, etc. Europe innovates in bite-sized chunks. However, its use of GPS for sports applications is becoming far more inventive. Europe is producing sport-specific items for nearly every sporting exercise, from rugby to soccer to mountain climbing.   Bicycling, for instance, is far more popular in Europe than in the United States. Leveraging the power of GPS to create extremely specific analyticsRead More

GPS and Art


You think that a GPS can’t be used in art? Think again. People are taking advantage of GPS to keep track of where they are and where they travel to paint huge digital pictures over interesting landscapes. Users rely on a GPS device to keep track of where they are while they move around to chosen locations, and their trail is reproduced on a computer using GPS technology.   Michael J. Wallace is a biker that is using his passion for biking, art, and technology in a creative way. With his bike and a GPS device, Wallace paints digital sketchesRead More

Bryton Riding for the Prize with New GPS Units for Cyclists


For the first time, Zyro, a UK distributor for biking products, featured an up and coming company in its annual show: Bryton Sports. Each year Zyro hosts a show to introduce new products for the serious biker. The show includes everything from seats and wheels to clothing and water packs; even lubricating oils for chains and gears. This year, the Bryton bicycle GPS units were showcased with loud acclaim. The Company Bryton Sports is headquartered in Taiwan and is known for its navi-computers designed by a topnotch team of professionals. Their line of GPS units are made for cyclists, fitnessRead More