The Top 3 High End Luxury Cars

Black Mercedes Benz S Class

Whether or not we’d like to admit it, we’ve all dreamed a dream similar to those holiday luxury car commercials at one point or another. You know, like the Lexus wrapped up with the big red bow in the yard Christmas morning, or unwrapping the key to your brand new Lamborghini that is waiting in the garage. Unfortunately, you don’t exactly have a Lambo budget (and neither does anyone you know, for that matter). You’ll be happy with your GPS tracking device for the Camry you’re driving this Christmas, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dream a little!  Don’t beRead More

Appeals Court: Evidence From Warrantless Tracking Is Admissible


In a surprising turn of events, the ‘Third Circuit Court of Appeals’ has ruled that any evidence collected from a GPS tracking device placed in a suspect’s vehicle without obtaining a warrant beforehand is admissible in court. This comes in the wake of the US v. Katzin case, where officers relied on data collected from a GPS vehicle tracking device to link Katzin to a string of pharmacy robberies. The ACLU claims that the placement of the device constitutes an unreasonable search. The recent judgement is considered a “good-faith exception.” The Ruling It started after the Third Circuit Court ofRead More

The NFL Gets RFID In Addition to GPS

football field

The NFL recently announced that players this year will have small RFID sensors in shoulder pads this season. Each player will sport two hidden sensors that track every move made on the field. The sensors will pick up on locations, information pertaining to player activity level, and other details that every NFL fan wants to know. Tracking Every Move Over the past few years, various television channels have attempted to track player moves, so people watching from home could see what players are doing at every moment. In addition, a number of NFL teams have already implemented GPS technology to keep better tabs on player movement.Read More

World’s Smallest Industrial-Grade GPS Device Released to Public

GT0 tracker

“Smaller, easier, and whenever possible – more affordable.” That’s the motivation behind the creation of the GT0 tracking device. This GPS device is considered the smallest industrial GPS tracking device available today. It’s currently being used by over 300 companies to manage over 100,000 assets located across six different continents. The GT0 – The World’s Smallest Tracking Device Measuring at less than three inches by three inches and a little over one inch thick, the GT0 is the world’s smallest industrial-grade tracking device, which utilizes GPS signal to track various items around the globe. Its satellite-based communication ensures visibility inRead More

Shrinking GPS Technology Allows for Broader Applications


When it comes to Global Positioning System technology, if you can imagine a use for it then someone is probably already developing it as a product. Advancements continue to impress and progress, giving mankind amazing new capabilities. While most of us are well aware of GPS guided navigation systems, organizations and companies around the world are using GPS technology for tracking, crime prevention, emergency search and rescue, and environmental management, along with numerous other applications. Thanks to the U.S. military’s ongoing pursuit of technology, many highly sophisticated devices have become familiar to civilians. And we all benefit as they progressRead More

Chronicling Your Off Road Adventures with Spot Trace

off roading

If you like to spend your free time on a four-wheeler in remote areas of the country, you’ll be glad to know about Spot Trace, an anti-theft GPS device designed for the rugged road. This system relies solely on GPS coverage, so you can get a signal just about anywhere – even in remote desert areas. And it’ll send a progress report to as many cell phones and email addresses that you choose. You could even keep your friends up to date on where you are in your adventure! Why Invest in a GPS System for Your Off Road Trips?Read More

iPhone GPS Can’t Keep Them From Cheating

iPhone GPS

Though it may come as a shock to some, your iPhone cannot expose a cheating partner. “But wait,”I hear you say, “it features a GPS device, and it can track your partner’s every move!” According to a private investigator interviewed by New Zealand’s TV ONE, the GPS tracking device within your iPhone might document their every move, but it won’t matter – if your partner is going to cheat, they’ll find a way to do it. Julia Hartley Moore runs a website where she claims she has “specialist expertise in uncovering infidelity,” and she said that people are more frequentlyRead More

Improving GPS Technology in the Skies Could Improve Safety


Although GPS devices have made it much safer to fly the friendly skies in terms of midair collisions, there are those occasions where accidents happen. Researchers at North Carolina State University are attempting to help pilots better avoid the midair collision thanks to GPS technology and the simple blinking light. They’ve developed modifications for existing on-board GPS devices that helps pilots in a crucial way to avoid midair collisions – it allows them to respond even more quickly to an impending collision, sparing them from the crash altogether. The Problem There certainly is a lot of data a pilot hasRead More

Ontario, Canada: GPS Device to the Rescue

Hike Detail in Mountains

It is every outdoorsman’s worst nightmare: setting off into the wilderness solo, injuring yourself along the way. There is no one around to hear your pleas for help, and to top it all off, your cellphone is dead. What do you do? You may have read stories of people who have experienced this very situation, dragging themselves to safety over the course of days or even weeks, a true test of their survival skills. There is no need for this in the age of the GPS device known as the emergency locator, as evidenced by recent news out of Ontario,Read More

Ongole Region, India: GPS Helping Scientists Understand Seismic Activity


Earthquakes can be devastating, but with a little help from science and GPS, we can learn about them like never before while at the same time minimizing loss of life or injuries. GPS devices have helped scientists here in the US monitor plate movement, and India is the next to employ this technique. The Council of Scientific Industrial Reasearch (CSIR) and the National Geophysical Research Institute (NGRI) teamed up to install a GPS monitoring station in Ongole, an area located on a tectonic plate, in order to understand its movements. The Ongole GPS Station The GPS device, in the formRead More