India: Improving Police Response Time With GPS

India police man

The safety of women in India moved to the forefront two years ago after a 23-year-old female paramedic student was gang raped on a New Delhi bus. Just five months ago, their government approved an addition to the budget earmarked for the safety of women, their response to an unforgivable act that led to the death of that female student, and a way to strengthen laws protecting women’s safety. Part of the plan, proposed by acting chief secretary Sajal Chakraborty and transportation commissioner Manoj Kumar: all mass transit vehicles all across the state must install GPS devices within the nextRead More

Arnhem Land, Australia: Combatting Massive Feral Cats With GPS


There is no question that feral cats are a real problem in neighborhoods across America. Millions of cats roaming the streets with no place to call home, scavenging for food in dumpsters and trash cans, getting in fights with house cats who sneak out for the night, spreading disease and fleas, and killing small animals that catch their eye. Animal shelters are overcrowded with these unfortunate cats, hoping to find homes for them all. It’s so bad in some places, shelters will refuse to take in strays as they have no where to put them. In northern Australia, in theRead More

Sternberg, Kansas: Summer Camp for Future Scientists


Kids across the country are anxiously awaiting the moment they’ve looked forward to since September: the last day of school. While some kids will spend their days watching television and others seek to find ways to cool off, there are some kids who will spend a couple of weeks at a unique sort of summer camp in Sternberg, KS. This camp experience melds fun and education in the perfect way with hands-on activities unlike that of traditional summer camp. Move over, arts and crafts and archery – this camp is all about science. Fort Hays State University’s Sternberg Museum ofRead More

Smart Shoes to Go with Your Smart Phone

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Imagine being able to walk around town, any town, like you have always lived there—no tell-tale signs of looking down at a map or referencing a handheld GPS tracking device. Now, imagine being visually impaired and having the same ability to navigate the streets. You no longer have to just imagine; the reality is here. Ducere Technologies, an India-based company, just announced that it is ready to launch the Lechal shoe, the newest thing in footwear to help strangers feel at home anywhere they go. About the Company In 2011, two friends came together to change the world. They startedRead More

GPS Devices Help Find Stolen Vehicles


Stolen cars may become a much rarer commodity, now that GPS devices are moving towards becoming a standard feature. Global positioning systems not only give directions from one place to another, but they can be used remotely by authorized personnel to pinpoint a car’s location. In fact, two individuals in India were recently arrested for stealing a car. They were found quickly when police used the car’s GPS to track the stolen car’s location. The Times of India Report: Stolen Car Found Using GPS Earlier this year, police in Gurgaon used the GPS in a Chevrolet Innova to track itsRead More

Ohio Town Considers Installing GPS Devices in Vehicles

Lisbon, the county seat of Columbiana County, is a town of roughly 2,800 citizens and is located in the northeast quadrant of Ohio. In July of 2013, the village’s Board of Public Affairs (BPA) debated the idea of equipping the town’s vehicles with GPS devices at a monthly cost of $15 per device after the initial purchase price, which is between $300 and $400. The GPS technology could be used by village sewer and water employees to more easily find addresses, of course. But the main reason the village is considering installing them is to keep employees accountable for theirRead More

GPS Technology Offers Many Features

Our family recently took a trip in our minivan using GPS technology. We used it for all the typical reasons—primarily to get us from here to there and back again as quickly as possible. We were able to tell how long it was going to be to the next turn or exit from the interstate. And we also used the “time remaining” and “distance remaining” features to know how much longer our trip was going to take (eager to get home, we were repeatedly disappointed at that information). All those uses are pretty typical for anyone taking advantage of GPS’sRead More

GPS Tracking Keeps Columbia Buses Running Smoothly

Public transportation in Columbia, Missouri may be running a whole lot more smoothly in the future, thanks to GPS tracking. The Columbia Public Works Department recently installed GPS devices in all of its buses, giving the city a better way to monitor bus activity. The biggest perk for those who ride the buses is that they’ll soon be able to download a smartphone app that will allow them to view the buses’ current location and projected arrival times. That means no more lengthy waits at the bus station for a bus that’s running behind schedule. While the new system carriedRead More

GPS Locator to Improve Train Safety

A train company in India has announced that it plans to install GPS devices in its trains to improve their operational safety. The devices will gather data that will then control the functioning of problem-prone lights in the parcel car of the train. Risk of Fire Indian Railways has a history of issues with fires in the parcel cars of their trains. Three major incidents over the last couple of years have sparked panic among passengers and resulted in damage to both the trains and their contents. The fires appear to be caused by a short circuit in the lightingRead More

Deadly Accurate Drones Thanks To The Piksi RTK GPS Receiver

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have come a long way. Now, you don’t need to see them in order to fly them. The key to that: a decent GPS tracking device. Typical GPS devices work with an accuracy of five meters, but that isn’t enough. So what’s a UAV pilot to do? Thanks to Kickstarter, a couple of engineers were able to fund the development of a new GPS receiver called the Piksi. How does it change the game in the world of UAVs? Accuracy for the Piksi is within a few centimeters. How It Works The Piksi removes certain limitationsRead More